3 Tips To Get Your Instagram Account Verified

We all crave to have our Instagram accounts validated. We at e-pr.online cannot verify your Instagram account, however. The good news is that we can help you get mentioned in the global media with the guidelines issued by Instagram. We at e-pr.online will guide you through the process of Instagram verification and help you get the blue badge.
Your account profile credibility will be highlighted with the blue badge on Instagram. But as you would expect, securing the blue badge on Instagram is not easy as it seems for various reasons. However, you don’t have to worry; we have got what it takes to get mentioned in the global media and secure the blue badge.

Here are proven tips that will help you get verified on Instagram
Interested in having the blue badge, then first you have to be a good influencer. If you are a “public figure,” people will always find you quickly upon searching unless you share a name with other influencers.
Hence we will help you apply the following techniques in other social networks to help you become a “public figure” before you can embark on Instagram. But if you concentrate on Instagram fame before finding fame on other social networks, your verification may be delayed.

1. Cross-promotion of social media accounts
The only easily becomes an influencer by promoting all your social media accounts. That way, your followers on other media accounts may prefer to follow you on your other accounts, including Instagram. Establishing yourself across different social networks makes you a celebrity on the internet, which will make your verification on Instagram much easier.

2. Use hashtags that are popular for visibility on the internet.
The only way to get your posts to reach many people is by using popular hashtags. Like on Twitter, Instagram also requires that popular hashtags are used to promote posts. Alongside this, there are several apps that you can use to assist with hashtag ideas.

However, at e-pr.online, we guarantee assistance to develop a quality hashtag for your Instagram post.
You are not going to be accepted as a public figure if you keep on creating irrelevant posts to your followers and niche, therefore. You must develop a hashtag that is relevant to your niche of specialization.
At e-pr.online, we will help you create hashtags that are for your brands. This will encourage your followers to keep on using it frequently.

3. Engage your followers more to build trust
The more you keep your followers active, the more your influence will be felt across various social sites. This implies that your post must attract many people to engage you. This is the most important thing because it will be of no significance to having followers who do not engage you but boost the numbers of followers.

Finally, we will help you get through this to have followers who will engage you, thus increasing your celebrity chances. We believe in meaningful engagement. It is of no significance making series of irrelevant comments on peoples’ posts. Such irrelevant comments derail your credibility as an influencer.

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