The Emphasis of Your Personal Brand – Why it Matters in the Digital Age

Personal branding has always existed, it was just called something different: your reputation. Before the internet, companies had reputations, however the personnel were inaccessible, unless they were active in the news and media. Now, anyone can be a public figure, and anyone can find information about a CEO online. There is an emphasis in the digital era of a personal brand, as it puts a face behind the business and elevates the status of your company.

Expanding your Image

The way customers perceive a company is everything. If the CEO of a business is constantly receiving bad press, then that reflects poorly on the entire brand. Having a positive image online is essential. To achieve this, one has to constantly put out positive content, showcasing their knowledge and overall personality. This can be done via social media by engaging with your followers, and by being relatable to them. Customers are far more likely to trust you if they can humanize you. With trust, comes a business relationship.

Increase in Sales

When customers begin to align with your personal brand, they are more likely to buy anything that you sell them. Take a look at Instagram influencers, their loyal followers are easily persuaded to purchase any product that is promoted to them. They trust these influencers, making their opinion matter. Another example to look at is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. He engages constantly with this following on social networks such as Twitter and has become a personality. He has a cult-like following that support him unconditionally, which influences the value of the Tesla stock, increasing the share value constantly.

Showcasing your Personality

Being unique has value, especially when anyone can go online and be themselves. Depending on your target audience, you would adjust your personality and experience to fit that market. So, if you are targeting Gen Z, using Tik Tok and Instagram to capture their attention would be ideal. As a brand representative, everything that you do reflects on the company. So, doing a Tik Tok dance that is relatable to teenagers will get you brownie points within that market segment. Alternatively, if you are trying to reach an older demographic, such as Boomers, you may want to showcase your personality on Facebook, with various posts and video content that will give them an idea of who you are.

There are many benefits to embracing your personal brand, especially for small businesses. With having your own channels, that is also another outlet that potential customers can find your company on. Users look up content constantly, and if you are putting out original ideas with interesting information, you may generate views. Through views, users can find your business and bring you potential sales.

This is something to work on a daily basis, by being consistent on social media, engaging with your audience, having media publications about yourself, and by keeping up to date with the current trends.

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