15 February 2023

Using Multilingual PR to Unlock New Audiences: New Case Study from E-PR

PR is an area that can boast a diverse arsenal of strategies that help people and businesses reach their goals. And sometimes, the simplest strategic steps can yield the best results. This is what happened when E-PR was hired by Vadim Glozman, a criminal defense attorney with an immaculate record and reputation. The Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman is a criminal defense firm that develops outstanding legal defense strategies to achieve the best results for its clients no matter the complexity of the case.

Mr. Glozman was interested in growing his clientele but struggled with hitting the right media spot to reach the appropriate audiences. Upon a heated brainstorming session, our PR team came up with several paths to help Mr. Glozman reach his goal. And then it struck me — Vadim is proficient in both English and Russian languages! He can conduct his professional activities in the two languages and work with Russian-speaking clients that don’t have sufficient command of English. Why not leverage this fact and tap into Russian-speaking audiences to attract new clients? A series of quality publications in carefully selected Russian-language media was a promising tactic.

We focused on US-based Russian-speaking media, including both the major outlets and local online papers supported by smaller immigrant communities. Our team worked closely with the media representatives to work out a slick content plan to cater to the audiences of each outlet. As a result, we had a series of relevant, professionally crafted Russian-language publications ready within a month. It featured Mr. Glozman’s opinion pieces, press releases, and interviews.

It was a simple yet very effective move — Mr. Glozman discovered the power of multi-lingual PR almost instantly. His firm’s website saw a spike in visitors, and the number of inquiries from potential Russian-speaking clients exceeded all expectations. This PR strategy also helped Vadim Glozman boost the competitive edge of his firm. The best proof of the impact our PR campaign had on Mr. Glozman’s business was the fact that more than half of his new clients were Russian speakers.

The lesson to be learned from this case? It’s increasingly important to consider publishing PR content in multiple languages. By doing so, businesses can connect with audiences that may not speak the primary language of the company but may be interested in its product or service. This is a sure way to unlock new customers, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Besides, publishing in different languages can be a great SEO tool. Foreign-language publications can enhance a business’s search engine rankings, attract more visitors to the company website, and improve the brand’s overall online presence.


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