Want to appear first
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Without spending money on SEO and digital advertising
What is the
e-PR platform

What is the e-PR platform?

With our platform, we offer the client publications that will appear first on Google Search and Google News.

e-PR has quick and inexpensive services that benefit anyone looking for advertising, as they will expand their online brand through media exposure. As the client, you can choose media publications based on your budget, geographic location, language, and topic.

From start to finish, e-PR takes care of everything. We create the content and then publish it for you — we take the work off of your hands and into the hands of our professional team!
countries and languages
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Who will benefit
Brand representatives
Brand expansion on the internet is an essential part of any business. With e-PR, companies can expand their online presence and curate what they want their brand to stand for. By choosing specific publications and having control over the exact content being published, brand representatives can help their businesses grow.
PR specialists
With our platform, PR is now simplified and adjusted for digital services. It is easy to use for all types of professionals, and those who understand PR will also have an easy time adapting to our format.
Freelance journalists
Freelance journalists and copywriters who want to get their content published on media platforms and get their name out there will have a simple way to do this with e-PR. Now, all they have to do is get their content ready and written, and then uploaded to the platform to get a publication.
Media editors
Media editors are always looking to gain advertisers for their publication, as that is a main source of their business. It is not always easy to connect with clients, and media publishers may have a hard time getting in touch with them. With e-PR, we simplify that communication by bringing clients directly to the editors. We give them a direct line of contact, which requires minimal effort from the media publication, as well as the client.
Radical time saving
With our service, the time of getting a media publication will be significantly decreased. The process is amplified as we put clients in direct contact with editors, who can work quickly to get content published.
World wide coverage of your PR company
e-PR places your article on the internet, for everyone to see. We work with various countries, also allowing clients to have publications from anywhere in the world.
At the right time — in the right place
When writing an article with information that you want to be public, you have complete control over your image. You can choose when you want to publish something and where to publish it, and e-PR will make it happen.
Professional press releases
At e-PR, we have expert writers that can help create a professional press release for your company, whether it be for the launch of a product, or a business event. We can help you curate a legitimate release that the media will recognize.
Professional press center on the Internet
When creating an account, you will get your own personal press center. There, you can upload content, and have all of your information in one place.
Continuous online support
While e-PR is an automated platform, we have personnel on standby at all times ready to assist you with any questions that you may have.
Media planning
Creation of media plans based on the needs and goals of the company
Copywriting for a specific product or company
Evaluation and analysis of published materials, collection of materials in the required format, and compilation of press clippings
Subscription service
Subscription services for a product or company for a selected period of time
Turnkey PR specialist
Services of a PR specialist for a specific event or campaign
Analysis of current information space/situation
Analysis of the product/service in the information space with corresponding recommendations
To get started, the first step is to create an account. Follow the steps to make a profile, and once you have completed that, you are now an official user of e-PR.
To order a publication, you can browse our media options. Once you have decided on a platform, you can add the order to your account and pay from your online bank account.
If there is an issue with the media platform and the publication does not happen, we will make sure that you are satisfied and will gladly assist you in finding another media platform that will suit your needs.
If the media platform which you chose is not available for publication, we will assist you in finding another platform that can replace the media which you chose.