Special Offers!

Offer 1: Global Exposure Package

Elevate your brand with a professionally crafted promotional article (press release) specifically for your business, coupled with its publication in esteemed media outlets such as AP News, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, Newsmax, Asia One, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many other leading global platforms!

All this, across more than 50 top-tier media outlets, for an incredible price of $1,999!
This exceptional package includes:

  • Professionally written advertising article that captivates your audience
  • Extensive coverage in renowned media sources

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your brand’s reach and create a lasting impression in the media.

Market Watch
Digital Journal
Asia One
Fox News
ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
Offer 2: Secure two media placements in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Secure two publications of your business in the most widely circulated English media outlets within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Benefits of this offer:

  • Achieve Top Google search results with the articles we publish.
  • No sponsor's note will be included, ensuring the content is solely focused on your business.
  • We include photos and links to your company resources within the publications.

Total cost for this package, which includes copywriting services for both articles, is $4,850.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your business's visibility and reach a wide audience.

Your business will gain prominent visibility on two influential websites:

Gulf News
Khaleej Times
Offer 3. PR Coverage in 9 Prominent Media Outlets Simultaneously

Your business will be featured in top-tier media outlets with the highest monthly traffic, including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Benzinga, Digital Journal, and StreetInsider.
For a comprehensive package of 9 media placements, the cost is $3,950!

  • The articles will secure prime positions on Google, boosting customer acquisition and enhancing brand visibility.
  • You can proudly display the logos of all 9 media outlets in the «about us» section of your website, fostering trust in your business.
Yahoo Finance
Digital Journal
Market Watch
Offer 4. Yahoo+Business Insider

Harness the power of two premier global business media outlets with our exclusive Yahoo+Business Insider package.

Your business will be prominently featured on two highly influential websites:

Benefit from enhanced online presence as your articles secure top positions on Google search results.

Markets Insider
Yahoo Finance
Offer 5. PR Coverage in 3 Prominent Fashion Media Outlets

Unveil our exclusive package priced at just $7,500, granting you access to highly influential publications that will effectively showcase your business on widely read platforms in English, Turkish, and Slovenian.

  • Leave a lasting impact on the English-speaking audience with lofficielbaltic.com, world-renowned fashion media platform, boasting a monthly viewership of 91.9K.
  • Tap into the Turkish market by featuring your business on elle.com.tr, another distinguished world-known fashion media publication with a remarkable monthly viewership of 1.6M.
  • Broaden your presence in Slovenia through a prominent showcase on cosmopolitan.metropolitan.si, which enjoys a significant monthly viewership of 760.8K.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your business in popular publications and make the most of this special offer!

L'officiel  Baltic
Elle USA
Cosmopolitan Slovenia
Offer 6. Consider the combined power of Forbes Poland, Yahoo Finance, and New York Weekly

Discover our exclusive package, available at just $4,890, which provides you access to highly influential publications that will effectively showcase your business on widely read platforms in both English and Polish.

  • Forbes Poland: Gain prominence among the Polish-speaking audience with forbes.pl, a renowned platform with an impressive monthly viewership of 1.9 million.
  • Yahoo Finance: Elevate your business’s visibility with finance.yahoo.com on Yahoo Finance, a popular publication delivering financial news, reaching a monthly viewership of 245M.
  • New York Weekly: Extend your reach by featuring your business on nyweekly.com., which enjoys a substantial monthly viewership of 73.6K.

Don’t miss the chance to promote your business in these popular publications and get the most out of this special offer!

Forbes Poland
Yahoo Finance
New York Weekly
Offer 7. Combine the prestige of Vogue China, the wide reach of Los Angeles Weekly, and the influence of Business of Fashion

Introducing our exclusive package, now available at just $4,950, granting you access to highly influential publications that will effectively showcase your business on widely read platforms in both English and Chinese.

  • Vogue China: Gain prominence among the Chinese-speaking audience with vogue.com.cn, a renowned platform
  • Los Angeles Weekly: Elevate your business’s visibility on laweekly.com, a popular publication delivering news and events, reaching a monthly viewership of 2.0M.
  • Business of Fashion: Extend your reach by featuring your fashion business on businessoffashion.com, which enjoys a substantial monthly viewership of 775.4K.

Take advantage of this great chance to showcase your business in well-read publications!

Vogue China
L.A. Weekly
The Business of Fashion