About us

We are E-PR Online — a forward-thinking digital PR agency based in New York. E-PR Online is a cutting-edge platform that offers exclusive access to international media. We are dedicated to helping businesses and professionals stand out in the world of digital connections and build strong, lasting connections with their target audiences.

We are breaking from the traditional PR conventions and are redefining the way smart PR works in today’s digital business landscape. Unlike typical PR firms, we promise to get your content featured without the need for pitching. Our quick publication is made possible by leveraging connections with publishers.

Our team of seasoned media experts and PR managers work to build targeted PR campaigns that cater our clients’ specific business needs. Our team of multilingual copywriters excels in diverse article formats, such as interviews, success stories, analytical pieces, and more, all complemented by photos.

The user-friendly system offers flexible and personalized services tailored to your needs and budget. Accessible even for those with limited financial resources, it enables businesses to enhance their visibility on Google. You can easily order PR services through your personal account on our platform. This allows you to select your preferred media outlets, make payments, and coordinate publications. If you’re uncertain about where to begin, our managers are available for consultation to guide you on the most effective media campaign tailored to your needs. Most of the media outlets we work with publish articles without labeling them as «advertisement.»

Whether you want to boost brand awareness, create a strong brand narrative, manage your media reputation, or effectively promote your product, E-PR Online will find the right solution for you. We have developed an extensive media catalog that includes 15,000+ media outlets from 100+ countries. This expansive reach ensures that your message resonates with the right readers, no matter what locale or publication language your campaign is aimed for.

E-PR Online is more than an agency. It’s a digital platform that allows you to manage, customize, and track your PR campaign with the best tools to aid you in the process.

Our Values


We believe that open and honest communication fosters collaboration and tangible results. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll always know what’s happening with your PR campaign: what media will feature your publications, what type of content we will develop, and how these choices will help you achieve your PR goals. We provide clear insights into our strategies, results, and processes, ensuring you’re informed and confident every step of the way.


Affordable yet high-quality PR is our commitment. Our service pricing is designed to be budget-conscious without compromising on excellence. Our aim is to democratize PR for businesses of every scale, enabling you to enhance your public relations without straining your finances. We offer adaptable contracts with clear terms, allowing you to tailor the campaign’s duration and scope to your needs.

Progress with technology

We leverage the latest innovations, including AI and data-driven insights, to ensure your PR campaigns are cutting-edge and effective. Our custom-built AI bot automates media selection with the help of advanced filters and algorithms so you can be sure you have the best outlets to publish your content for targeted results. We also implement AI into our writing process to assist our expert team of copywriters and give them robust tools for fast, high-quality output.
We believe that PR should be accessible to everyone, not just big brands with deep pockets. That’s why we have built a platform that’s disrupting the PR industry using the power of AI and technological innovation to democratize public relations.
Irina Proskurina
CEO of E-PR Online