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Great article. I really appreciate it. You are the BEST!

Zuri Mesika

I love the article so much; it was truly needed and so well written. I had such a great experience, from being listened to by the interviewer to seeing it later on paper, flaunting my new diversity in such a graceful way that is easy for the reader to relate to.

Mira Tzur
Vice President Truuniverse

We had a great experience with E-PR Online. Despite challenges in operations due to the war in Ukraine, we were able to work with them and they helped us strategized around our PR strategies. The team helped us craft a compelling narrative, expanding media reach and explaining our situation across the borders. I’d love to recommend E-PR Online for anyone looking for a strategy partner to extend their online presence!

Omar Zhan
Program Manager - AEV Charging

I’m Mike Koshatko a serial entrepreneur and owner of several businesses. I was looking to share my success story in the media and opted to collaborate with E-PR Online. They made publications about my businesses in various media outlets. The team at E-PR Online is very professional, excels in client communication, and provides excellent strategic solutions. They always provide excellent rates and generous discounts that suit any budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a great PR agency that delivers quality results.

Mike Koshatko
Serial entrepreneur

We are really glad and appreciated work with E-P R Online. We did more than 20 articles together and saw great results in our brand awareness and some impact on our S EO. Yury is very customer oriented and suggested the best options every time. We worked with different copywriters and all were seasoned professionals. Highly recomended.

Artlogo team
United Kingdom

My name is Ruslan, and today I want to talk about a company called E-PR Online. For a long time, I had the desire to become published in various media in the USA, despite living in the Silicon Valley and working in an entirely different field, our company specializes in air conditioners, electrical work, and plumbing. Public relations would seem quite distant from our scope of work. At one point, my friend informed me about E-PR Online. E-PR Online is a digital public relations agency founded by Irina Proskurina. I have worked with this agency, and they made multiple publications for me. Such publications drastically helped promote and grow my business, as they pushed my business listing to the top of Google. I greatly recommend E-PR Online to anyone who is seeking to grow their business.

Ruslan Khusniyarov
FUSE founder

E-PR online is an absolute game-changer! I had the pleasure of working with them to elevate my brand’s online presence, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results. Their global platform effortlessly opened doors to top-tier international media, something that seemed impossible before. Their team of experts provided exceptional copywriting, marketing, and PR services that elevated our brand’s visibility, credibility, and search engine rankings in record time. The impact on our business has been nothing short of amazing! E-PR online has truly revolutionized the way we approach PR and marketing. I highly recommend their services to any individual or company looking to take their brand to new heights. Thank you, E-PR online, for the outstanding work and the opportunities you’ve brought our way!

Igor Dukovny
Cyborgcare CEO

Great team, fast work. Additionally, I’d like to highlight the dedication, honesty and responsibility for their work. They are a company with employees who maintain constant communication and stay on track throughout the project, and will definitely find a solution so that the client is satisfied!

Marina Gorbacheva
HVAC Engineer & Energy Analyst

E-PR Online — great company to promote your business. Irina and her team are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, always accessible, accommodating and will go the extra mile to provide you with the best service.

Svetlana Sherstobitova
Financial consultant

I have some more fantastic news to share with you. Recently after my publication in French media, my name and surname brought up to top Google search results as a requested public performer and international speaker. This is all thanks to my partnership with an American PR Agency, E-PR Online. They have a platform that publishes content from experts and entrepreneurs in globally renowned media outlets like Forbes, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more. If you’re interested in enhancing your personal brand or promoting your company, you can’t ignore this immense reach and the trust it builds with the audience, spanning millions of people.

Katherine Golub

I am a famous chef in Miami, I specialize in creating extraordinary parties and providing top-notch catering services. I’m eager to share how E-PR Online, a digital PR Agency is assisting me in creating an remarkable insightful article. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who excel in their field. Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to undertake this endeavor on my own, and I might not have even embarked on this path in the first place. I can affirm that E-PR Online possesses exceptional expertise in their field, and they have showcased their prowess by presenting me with outstanding articles written for other well-known individuals, some of whom I personally know. I am now working with them and love it so far.

Alex Krestnikov
Chef, event promoter

Today, I’d like to share some insights about Irina Proskurina’s PR Agency, E-PR Online. E-PR Online is an American PR Agency that works with top tier media like Yahoo, Bloomberg, Forbes, New York Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and many others. Their catalog consists of more than 10,000 media, in addition, they have skilled copywriters who can write articles in multiple languages. The team at E-PR Online created a publication for me which came out first on Google, the work was done professionally and all terms of the agreement have been finalized. If you believe that you are credible and want others to learn more about you and your business, welcome to E-PR Online. Furthermore, they will assist you in crafting articles for Wikipedia.

Marianna Markina
TV host

Throughout my life, I’ve always been using luxury products with quality service. E-PR Online has made a few publications for me and I am very content with their service. They have very professional copywriters who understood the goal for my publications and everything was done in a timely manner! I greatly recommend E-PR Online to anyone who is on the same track.

Andres Arellano

I am a pianist from New York. I would like to emphasize that the articles were written quickly, efficiently and accurately, with the ability to edit. The texts were published in the desired media of my choice.

Anna Demis

I had a fantastic experience working with Е-PR online. They provided invaluable assistance with media placements for my projects. Their team’s expertise and dedication ensured that my content reached a wide and relevant audience. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking effective media exposure and PR support.

Arthur Koch
Abroad Legal
United Kingdom

I am the founder and CEO at AppLife, a mobile game development studio. The highest professionalism of the E-PR Online team is undeniable. After a short interview with me they have promptly created and published a competent article about my story of success. I am very satisfied with the work they done. Thank you very much!

Alexander Lebedev
Serial entrepreneur

E-PR Online has been a game-changer for my business. Despite being in a different field, their expert team, led by Irina Proskurina, orchestrated multiple strategic publications that propelled my brand’s visibility and search engine rankings. Their dedication, honesty, and continuous communication ensured a seamless experience. Their ability to secure top-tier international media coverage seemed impossible before. Their impact on my business is nothing short of amazing. If you’re seeking to revolutionize your PR and marketing approach, I highly recommend E-PR Online. Their professionalism, accessibility, and timely delivery of publications make them stand out. E-PR Online’s services have truly exceeded my luxury-oriented expectations. Thank you, E-PR Online and Irina Proskurina, for transforming my business and providing outstanding opportunities! I remain as loyal client.

Semeon Arnold

I run a business accelerator and host offline events called Business Booster Board. When we needed a boost in media exposure, E-PR Online was right there. They quickly sorted out our content, gave us some solid options for media placement, and didn’t waste time getting it out there. We saw the results pretty quickly. What I appreciate most about them is their straight-up approach — they stick to what they say and are always quick to respond.

Alex Visotsky
Business Booster founder

My name is Alena Lorans and I run an international company, Second Passport. We have 35 offices globally and E-PR Online is assisting us with publications. We’ve selected E-PR as our partner because of its extensive global presence and broad media coverage across the world. Being an international company, we require diverse international media coverage across various countries, which is exactly what E-PR provides!

Alena Lorans
Second Passport

We’ve placed an order for publications for our startup We are a new company and don’t have a big budget for marketing and PR services, however E-PR has offered us a budget option with great media outlets. They’ve written articles on our behalf, published them in media outlets relevant to us, and achieved top placement on Google. We are satisfied with the outcomes because these publications helped introduce our startup to new audiences and traffic on our website increased.

Vladimir Noviskiy

I had a pleasure working with E-PR Online, they get the job done fast, and the publications are done professionally. They have a great selection of media for different budgets, great copywriters who craft articles in any chosen language, great communication and fast replies. Their assistance was instrumental in crafting a well written article about Alcor, my company’s innovative solution that is reshaping the landscape of tech recruitment, which was published on Digital Journal. I have found E-PR to be very helpful with the process as a whole, I am looking forward to working with them in the future!

Dmytro Ovcharenko

I would really recommend E-PR Online to anyone looking to expand the credibility and reliability of their business. As a beauty specialist, who has opened her own beauty boutique, Maison Beauty Boutique, it was really important for me to share about the nuances of my business and what sets it apart from others. At E-PR Online, the team did a great job at highlighting my key attributions in the industry. They get job done effectively and in no time! Great communication and quality work. I am happy with the publication on Here’s What’s Trending and would be happy to work with them in the future!

Lana Utnasunova
Maison Beauty Boutique

I appreciate the opportunity I had to collaborate with E-PR Online. They are true professionals at what they do. They helped me craft an excellent article featuring my business, «Magic Daycare» and publish it in the media of my interest. Fast work, great communication, and quality work. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to build their business’s reputation!

Oksana Beytulla
Magic Daycare

I reached out to E-PR Online in July 2023 with a request to create press releases for my business. We quickly agreed on terms and signed a contract. However, just a few days before the scheduled release, one of the media outlets changed its policy regarding cryptocurrency-related content and refused to publish my article. E-PR Online’s managers responded promptly to this situation and offered a worthy replacement.

I can confidently say that for the E-PR Online team, the client’s satisfaction and the quality of their work are top priorities. They went above and beyond to smooth out any rough edges and compensate for any inconveniences. Their dedication to their work is truly remarkable!

With a company like this, you’ll want to have a long-lasting partnership, so I can wholeheartedly recommend them if you need quality PR and honest work.

Maxim Malysh
CEO & Founder of Kryptex

As a successful entrepreneur with a long story line, I was eager to share my accomplishments in the media. I came across E-PR Online who greatly helped me in earning my place in the media. They crafted a well written article for me in Brainz Magazine. They excel as a team with exceptional communication, and a commitment to high-quality work! I would strongly recommend.

Oksana Voinych
Vice President for Global Communications at Transmedia Group Inc.

The staff at E-PR Online did a great job at designing an article and publishing it in the desired media, New York Weekly. I enjoyed working with them and highlighting my business and achievements in a publication. I would recommend recommending recommend E-PR Online to anyone!

Vasyl Kostiuk
Founder and owner of Koscom Inc

Having spent numerous years in the education sector, I was enthusiastic about recounting my immigration journey and the advancement of educational services in the United States. E-PR Online played a significant role in assisting me with the creation of the article. It was successfully published on NYWire. I would greatly recommend them!

Iryna Drozdovska
Founder of Hopscotch Montessori

As an immigrant and successful entrepreneur I was aiming to share my story in the media. E-PR Online has played a crucial role in enhancing our media visibility. They offer a wide-ranging media network, staffed by skilled professionals, who deliver top-notch services.

Lyuda Ksenych
H2H Movers owner

I’m absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with E-PR Online. They did a great job with my article, and it was published in the media of my choice. They work fast, great communication with clients and individualized customer care. I would like to recommend them to anyone looking for quality PR Services.

Illia Pashkov
Chief Metaverse Officer and founder of ALTAR METAVERSE

The collaboration with E-PR Online went smoothly. The copywriters and director were very friendly. They were open to discuss any questions I had and explained the nuances that I wasn’t aware of. The team was very patient and helpful! The article was written in a nice manner, and they also helped me with the photos and videos that I wanted to attach to my publication. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with E-PR Online!

Andrey Sergeev

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the level of professionalism and service provided by your team. Throughout our collaboration, I was particularly impressed by your commitment to meeting deadlines and your unwavering dedication to fulfilling our specific requirements.

The timeliness with which you executed the tasks assigned to you was truly commendable. Your team consistently delivered high-quality work within the agreed-upon timeframes.
Furthermore, I would like to highlight the exceptional level of customer service we received. Your team members were always ready to go above and beyond to accommodate our needs and requests.
Additionally, I greatly appreciate the valuable information your team provided regarding the ratings and rankings pertinent to our project.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to your entire team for their professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to excellence. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to future collaborations.

Thank you once again for your outstanding service.

Irina Emelianova
CEO Whole goods LLC

I recently collaborated with E-PR Online to share my entrepreneurial journey through an article published in New York Weekly. The experience was rewarding, and I appreciate the opportunity to have my story featured.

Yana Narynska
Co-owner of Pixel.Co LLC

It was a pleasure working with E-PR Online. They are a digital PR Agency, who have a big network of media, from more than 100 countries worldwide. They did a great job in crafting an article for me that showcased the narrative of Meta Spirituality and the history of my business across multiple media platforms. Additionally, the agency featured me on the Times Square Billboard. They are a great team, I would strongly recommend them.

Nina Verkoeyen
Founder of Meta Spirituality

Dance has always been my passion, and after creating my own dance studio, I was highly interested in writing about how it came to be and what lead to its success. After searching for a good PR Agency, I came across E-PR Online and am happy I chose to work with them. The team at E-PR Online wrote an article about my story and published it on Miami Wire. They have a network of 15,000 media spanning 100+ countries, and offer packages for different budgets. I would greatly recommend them!

Natali Didyk
Dance Hub Palm Beach owner

Working with E-PR Online was a pleasure. They’re a digital PR agency with a vast media network spanning over 100 countries. They did an excellent job crafting an article that shared my story and business history across various media platforms. They’re a fantastic team, and I highly recommend them.

Sao Zhuraeva

I had the privilege of collaborating with E-PR Online to enhance my brand’s online visibility, and I’m absolutely blown away by the outcomes. Their global platform seamlessly connected us with high-profile international media outlets. Their team of specialists delivered outstanding copywriting, marketing, and PR services that swiftly elevated our brand’s prominence, trustworthiness, and search engine rankings. The effect on our business has been nothing less than astonishing! E-PR Online has genuinely revolutionized our approach to PR and marketing. I wholeheartedly endorse them!

Julija Dimante

We have been collaborating with E-PR Online for a long time and are pleased with the quality and efficiency of their work. Our association with E-PR Online has had a positive impact on our company’s image!

Yurii Yurkovsky
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

I want to express my gratitude to the E-PR Online team for their outstanding work in creating an article that showcased my achievements and the history of my business. This agency offers a wide range of services, from multilingual copywriting to an extensive media network. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a top-notch PR agency; they are an exceptional team!

Anatoliy Labinskiy
Owner, GSM Growth Agency

I enjoyed collaborating with E-PR Online, a digital PR agency with an extensive global media network spanning over 100 countries. They excelled in creating an article that effectively highlighted my story and my business’s history across various media outlets. I greatly appreciate their exceptional team.

Rodion Ksonzenko
Founder of Magnat Fine Jewelry

E-PR Online is an excellent choice for promoting your business. Irina and her team are truly exceptional. They possess extensive knowledge, remain consistently reachable, are highly flexible, and are willing to go above and beyond to offer you high quality service.

Nataliya Petlyuk
Cosmetic Dentist

Our experience collaborating with E-PR Online has been enjoyable, and we’ve engaged with them multiple times, consistently satisfied with the quality of their work. They consistently meet deadlines, and the results have consistently placed us at the top of Google.

Alex Shekhtman
owner LBC Mortgage

We are happy we chose to work with E-PR Online to improve our media presence. They managed our content effectively, offered excellent media placement choices, and acted promptly. What’s most impressive is their straightforward approach — they fulfill their promises, are reliable and responsive.

Samaniv Eugenia
Co-founder King Mebel

My experience collaborating with E-PR Online was great. The copywriters and director were incredibly friendly, always open to addressing my questions and clarifying any details I was unsure about. The team’s patience and assistance were greatly appreciated. They crafted the article beautifully and also aided me in including the photos I wanted for my publication. I’m grateful for the chance to work with E-PR Online!

Andriy Sambir

As the founder and CEO of a business, I must acknowledge the unwavering professionalism of the E-PR Online team. Following a brief interview with me, they expeditiously crafted and published a highly proficient article about my success story. I am extremely content with their exceptional work. Thank you!

Boris Yampolsky
CEO & founder Dimbo World LTD

The team is exceptional, delivering work swiftly. I want to emphasize their commitment, integrity, and sense of responsibility in their tasks. The company boasts a staff that maintains continuous communication and unwavering project dedication, ensuring that they will undoubtedly find solutions to ensure client satisfaction.

Denis V. Pankratov

I would like to take a moment to convey my utmost satisfaction with the exemplary professionalism and outstanding service provided by the E-PR Online team. They have consistently showcased a remarkable dedication to not only meeting but often surpassing our stringent deadlines. It is evident that the team prioritized our unique requirements and tailored their approach accordingly.

What particularly stood out to me was their unwavering commitment and passion for delivering top-notch results. The timeliness with which they executed each task spoke volumes about their organizational skills and efficiency. Moreover, the quality of their work did not just meet our expectations but exceeded them, leaving a lasting impression.

In conclusion, the commendable efforts of E-PR Online have significantly contributed to the success of our public relations initiatives. Their ability to seamlessly align their expertise with our needs has been nothing short of impressive.

Alexander Tulko
Founder, Digital Avicenna

My experience with E-PR Online was great. They offered invaluable help with getting my projects featured in the media. I strongly recommend their services to anyone in need of effective media exposure and APR services.

Andreas Feofanov
Founder and CEO at Feo

I’m Alexander, and I represent LTC Media, a media publishing company catering to the Russian-speaking community in Germany. We’ve partnered with E-PR Online, and we’re delighted with the successful media publications. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Alexander Cherkasky
Founder LTC Media Verlag

E-PR Online is a great choice for promoting your business. Irina and her team are exceptional. They excel in understanding your requirements and transforming your aspirations for media publications into reality. Working with them was a delightful experience! Without having previous knowledge in article writing it was very easy for me to chat with the copywriters. I truly respect the work of copywriters who responded promptly. To those copywriters who don’t speak Russian is great to see that they were trying and translating messages to suit my language needs. I liked the process and organization of the article composition, and am very glad that your team of copywriters eased the process. The article was published in the media of my choice within the time frame. I highly recommend them to anyone uncertain about where to begin with PR, they are an excellent team!

Alexandra Atlanova
CEO and founder of Fluffy Llama LLC

I’m delighted to have partnered with E-PR Online. They did an excellent job with my article, and it was published in my preferred media outlets. They are speedy, maintain excellent communication with clients, and provide personalized customer support. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch PR services.

Daria Kovaleva

I was truly impressed by the E-PR Online team, and I want to emphasize the outstanding work of their journalist. She is a professional and a highly skilled contributor. I am thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with them. This is an excellent team of experts, and I highly recommend their services.

Lia Neumann
Founder IBL Element Inc

E-PR Online has handled publications for me, and I am satisfied with their service. They have a team of highly professional copywriters who deliver results promptly. I highly recommend E-PR Online to anyone.

Artur Petkov
Founder McArthur Group LLC

Best service, good quality, perfect managers and communication

Nikita Diakov
For You Commercial Brokers

The article was exceptionally well-crafted. My collaboration with E-PR Online was a great experience. They understood my message for the audience in the article and skillfully translated it onto paper, getting it published in my preferred media. Outstanding job!

Mykola Bahlaievskyi
Prime Sales

I’m Dr. Fulmes, a doctor who owns Dr. Fulmes Health Institute. I was looking to share the story of alternative therapies for GI patients, combining traditional and alternative approaches in the media. I made the right choice with E-PR Online. The article was professionally written and completed within the scheduled timeframe. I thank the E-PR Online team for their professionalism and for publishing it in my chosen outlet, New York Weekly.

Dr. Fulmes
owner Dr. Fulmes Health Institute

I was looking to spread the word about my real estate startup, its successful development and investor interest surrounding it. In my search for a reliable PR agency, I came across E-PR Online, as it is the only agency that cooperates with more than 15,000 media outlets across 100+ countries.

And that’s where the pleasant collaboration began. According to our contract, E-PR was supposed to produce 3 publications, but they managed to do 6, charging for the price of 3.

I don’t know how they do it, but I was pleasantly surprised that there are such client-oriented professionals on the market. I recommend their services!

Roman Chystiakov
Founder of Saorsa

I had a wonderful experience collaborating with E-PR Online. The copywriters and director were very friendly, consistently available to provide clarification on any details I found unclear. They skillfully crafted the article and also helped me include the photos I desired for my publication. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with E-PR Online.

Ruslan Sukhiy
founder of RENTAVED

Such a great experience working with E-PR Online. Professional team, guaranteed results!

Yerbol Baimencheyev
TabPro Solutions

Thank you guys at E-PR Online from us at LBC Capital Income Fund. We don’t advertise online, we do branding and PR, I manage real estate investment funds. Our target audience are creditor investors and our minimum is $250,000. It has been a little bit difficult for us to get out in the field of social media but E-PR Online has helped us tremendously over the years! We are a recognizable brand and when people contact us from our advertisement or our referral sources they google and see articles about LBC Capital Income Fund. This has greatly improved our credibility. Thank you guys at E-PR Online, much success in 2024!

Boris Dorfman
owner LBC Capital
I want to express my gratitude to E-PR Online! They had written my article exceptionally well, securing its publication in my preferred media outlets. Their efficiency, great communication with clients, and personalized customer support set them apart. I greatly recommend their PR services to anyone in need.
Victor Rachkovsky
Irina helped me put my company, The Slingshot Guys (video production company), in a few magazines and was very helpful.
Eilish Wertheiemer
The Slingshot Guys

I would like to share my impression working with E-PR Online and an article publication on American media outlets.
I’m absolutely delighted!!! Everything went very smoothly, with pleasant communication, and there are copywriting services offered to help you craft well-written articles in English.
The article was posted swiftly and I received the link to the published article in no time!
I am truly delighted!!! One of the female manager I have closely worked with is incredibly pleasant to talk to and answered any questions I had!
I recommend them anyone who wants to make themselves known to the whole world!

Ekaterina Mudrova

We recommend E-PR Online for global promotion of a personal brand and business in the media. We have created more than 10 articles with E-PR Online, published interviews and received 6 covers in magazines in different countries. E-PR Online offers the best PR service with quality, speed, great results, affordable prices and pleasant bonuses. We recommend entrusting your PR goals to E-PR Online.

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