An opportunity to grow your capital while supporting modern media channels: E-PR Online is looking for new investors

Who we are

E-PR Online offers an automated communication system that connects clients and media. Among other things, the company helps businesses to boost their brands and attract investors, thus increasing their success margins.

Also, E-PR Online supports agencies in creating SEO-friendly content including the optimization of backlinks, which helps improve the brand’s position on search engines.

Some public individuals need media services for other purposes, for example, to boost one’s reputation. Thus, E-PR Online helps them improve their image and deal with PR crises if necessary.

What we do

In its firm commitment to media services, E-PR Online helps people and companies in many ways. With a close connection to several media outlets, the company works with news articles, ads, posts, and press releases. Then, they analyze the material and proceed to adapt it in any way according to the brand’s needs. Its wide team of copywriters can create content fr om scratch as well as rewrite and translate pieces.

To make sure clients get the best results, E-PR Online analyses specific products and provides recommendations by experts in the corresponding field.

Who is behind E-PR Online?

Irina Proskurina is the founder and CEO of E-PR Online. She is a Russian businesswoman who, after working for 10 years in the American market and as a marketing expert for the brand Kiton, developed unique expertise.

Since she understood the flaws and challenges of the market better than anyone, she decided to take things into her own hands. Thus, she created a database of media sources with whom she made agreements and gathered a team with the best copywriters in NYC. This is how E-PR Online was born.

Now, the company has a database of over 10,000 media and offers excellent publication prices since they publish in bulk.

How we help customers

E-PR Online knows how to tackle the issues that clients face. For example, they answer to the lack of media catalogs in PR agencies by providing outlets that are organized by niches and sections. Moreover, some customers need content done in different languages. With this, E-PR Online helps them by publishing in several languages.

Not everyone can afford the high cost of a good PR service, this is why the company offers tailored proposals for all kinds of budgets.

Also, many customers have complained about the lack of response (or the slow response) from media outlets. This usually happens if the person contacts them individually. With E-PR Online this problem is gone as they maintain close contact with the media thus guaranteeing a timely response.

Finally, one of the best advantages of E-PR Online is that it provides analytics for every media including interests, demographic information, geo-targeting, and the number of visitors. Without this type of analytics, business growth becomes almost impossible.

Advantages over our competitors

While regular PR agencies are costly, they don’t show the media catalogs before closing the contract. Also, they usually ask for long-term contracts.

On the other hand, press release distributors only work with this format. Besides, they have limited access to media outlets.

When it comes to link aggregators, they usually connect clients to low-quality media, leaving the best options out.

Considering this, E-PR Online brings a solution that adapts to the client’s budget and offers a wide array of media alternatives, including top publications like El País, Vogue, New York Post, Forbes, The New York Times, FOX, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Bloomberg, CBS, Toronto Star, and others.

The investment opportunity

To take their project to the next level, E-PR Online needs the help of investors that are willing to contribute to the media world thus helping maintain the quality of today’s international media outlets.

• Amount required for the investment: 951,000 USD
• Company’s assessed value: 4,883,000 USD
• Share for sale: 20%
• IRR: 65%
• Investment growth: 8 times
• Payback period: 3,17 years
• CAC (Customer acquisition cost): 623 USD
• LTV (Lifetime value): 2719
• LTC/CAC: 4.4k

These investments will be used mainly to develop the E-PR Online mobile app and to update its website. Other expenses to cover are AI, salaries, marketing and advertising expenses, and fixed costs.

The plan

The plan consists of the following steps:
• Establishing the concept
• Gathering the media
• Creating the website
• Integrating the website with Similarweb
• Adding the AI function to develop texts
• Developing the mobile app (for iOS and Android)
• Continue to grow E-PR Online’s reach


E-PR Online generates money through different means:

• Copywriting. Our team creates content with rates varying depending on the type and volume.
• Placement in media outlets. Thanks to our agreements with several partners, we place our publications in the top-paid outlets.
• Subscriptions. We are planning to collaborate with Similarweb, a platform that provides smart traffic analysis. Thus, E-PR Online clients will be able to buy a Similarweb subscription at better rates.
• Franchising. E-PR Online offers franchises, which ensure constant revenue and stable growth to support the E-PR Online structure.

Growth perspectives in the PR global market

By investing in E-PR Online, you will be investing in a growing market. The global PR market is expected to grow at a 6.6% rate each year. Analysts expect that it will reach a value of $149.44 billion by 2026.

We’re talking about a market that’s Covid-19-proof. Since it relies mostly on remote work and digital means, the PR industry has managed to grow despite the pandemic, generating a revenue of $14.5 billion during this period.

Moreover, online companies are increasingly outsourcing their PR activity to third parties, a tendency that’s been growing during 2021, and 2022, and it’s expected to continue thus during 2023. This also will contribute to creating more job positions (31,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions for 2023).

Also, the percentages speak for themselves if we consider that:

• 60% of marketing experts believe that the digital and the PR markets will work more closely during the next years.
• 45% of PR agencies expect to invest more money in social media in the following years.
• 32% of PR agencies plan to invest more in multimedia content generation.
• 85% of experts believe that the importance of PR services will grow in the following 5 years.

Invest in the future

While other investments, like crypto or FIAT, are highly risky nowadays, the best option is to invest in a solid industry. Investing in the PR industry, now hand in hand with digital development, is investing in thousands of professionals from copywriters to IT engineers, UX/UI designers, and software developers.

All in all, in the 21st century, people are still looking for the same things as before: advertising to buy what they need, quality information, and good entertainment. The only difference is wh ere they will look for this and how they will access this information.

Moreover, investing in E-PR Online is safe as this company has accomplished many things and it’s already responsible for rich and quality media. Make a safe investment while taking the first step into the future with E-PR Online.



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