Cavallino: A Premier Ferrari Event is Coming Back in 2024

Palm Beach may be known for its beauty, extraordinary resorts and larger-than-life mansions, but brand Cavallino has officially made it the home of a premier Ferrari event that makes a splash every year.
The legendary Concorso d’Eleganza 4-day event is officially coming back on January 25–28, 2024, but let’s first take a look at their 2023 concourse.
A Legendary Affair The Cavallino brand has emerged with a completely new design while keeping its traditional core philosophy: “the greatest of automobiles, the finest of people, the most beautiful of settings,
the best time of the year”.
This mission has allowed Cavallino to sponsor an event where Ferrari owners across the US can come to Palm Beach and attend an exhibit of classic cars — an exhibit whose fourth, final day ends at the resort, Mar a Logo.
“The purpose of this grand event is to create memorable exhibits for the Ferrari collectors and the collector community as a whole through the history of the cars featured in Palm Beach,” Andrew Cavallino shared, passionately. “This type of event provides exclusive access for the
community of collectors to get involved.”
The events leading up to the weekend include a car race, an awards banquet fr om the race and the historic collector exhibit on the lawn at the Breakers. This concludes with the cavalcade of vintage and collector cars driven over to Mar a Lago wh ere the private VIP event is held.
“This is the first time I’ve seen the LaFerrari project in the US and it’s similar to the unveiling at the LaFerrari lounge in Geneva,” Cavallino recalled. “In 2013, in the Geneva Motor Show, the company produced 499 cars. I am happy to see the car at the Mar a Lago for the Concourse,
because, in my opinion, that is sexiest and fastest car around.”
A Legendary Crowd Cavallino’s evemt is ultimately an annual car enthusiast event and so there are many collectors who are fans of Ferraris. The culture of the private car collector, and Ferraris is very intimate
and the crowd that it draws is a network of exclusive and sometimes even famous individuals.
For example, in 2023, the event has drawn ex-president Donald Trump to the exhibit, a resident of Palm Beach himself. Cavallino remembers meeting him at the event, noticing his mingling and shaking hands with different members of the club.
“There were more collectors for the history of Ferrari, specifically Ferrari with Formula One,” Cavallino said. “The classic cars of Ferrari were designed for many, many years. A person attending this event would see the whole spectrum and get a feeling of the embodiment of the
history of this brand and its importance in automobile racing as the most sexy, unique car on the planet.”
Andres Arellano was also at the event. Working With the Glamorous: E-PR Online.
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Image by svetlanasokolova on Freepik