Crafting Your Personal Brand with PR: Irina Proskurina of E-PR Online on a New Client Success Story

How come a turtleneck sweater and a pair of New Balance sneakers immediately bring to mind Steve Jobs? Or why, once someone says “NBA”, you say “LeBron James” without thinking? That’s the power of personal branding.

Personal branding has become increasingly important in today’s competitive business landscape. It’s especially true for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves as reputable professionals in their niches. Building a strong personal brand can help entrepreneurs stand out, gain a competitive edge, increase credibility, and enhance trust with their target audience.

As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your business, and this face better be a well-recognized one. This is where PR comes in as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to refine their personal brand and bring it to the right audiences.

One of our clients did indeed have a great story to tell. Mike Koshatko is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to found, grow, and expand several extremely successful business ventures. Mike first established himself as a real estate agent, and started his first independent venture in vacation rental property management. He later founded Arteza, a successful arts and crafts supply company, and after selling it, he launched Ofirio, a real estate tech platform that helps people invest smarter, save time, and find excellent deals in seconds.
So when Mike came to us, he was already a thriving businessman with ideas to act on and money to invest. Mike’s story is truly inspirational, but he struggled to turn it into a real asset that would help him attract new partnerships, investors, and deals as a serial entrepreneur and investor. His name simply didn’t ring a bell within major industry networks. What he needed was a strong personal brand, and our E-PR team got down to work right away.

Here’s what we did for Mike:

Crafting a narrative. A strong personal brand starts with a compelling brand story that resonates with the target audience. We crafted Mike’s story by highlighting his achievements and values, establishing his expertise in several business niches, and creating a consistent message across all communication channels. In a series of articles and interviews, Koshatko revealed his entrepreneurial path, told audiences about his major challenges and accomplishments, and shared valuable advice for young startup founders.

Management of media relations. To increase Mike’s visibility and credibility as an entrepreneur, we identified relevant media outlets that would deliver his narrative to the right target audiences. For instance, when Mike was launching his innovative platform Ofirio, we coordinated bith with major business outlets and smaller media that focus on real estate industry news. It helped us expose his personal brand to appropriate reader communities.
Fostering thought leadership. We also wanted to help Mike Koshatko establish credibility and authority as a professional in key fields. For example, we brought forward Mike’s incredible experience and knowledge of effective marketing, and several publications focused on his advice to young brands who want to better promote their products.
As a result of a comprehensive PR effort, Mike’s personal brand demonstrated explosive growth and had an almost immediate effect on his entrepreneurial success. His name is now familiar to the international business and consumer community, which helps Mike expand his professional network and take part in exciting entrepreneurial ventures.

On top of that, Mike regularly gets invited to various events as a guest expert or speaker, spreading valuable knowledge and interacting with top industry leaders. This and other consequences of the personal brand boost convert into a tangible value for Koshatko’s businesses.

Bottom line: PR can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs who are looking to build and promote their personal brands. By crafting your brand story, getting media coverage, and managing thought leadership, PR professionals can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and widen your professional network. It means more business and investment opportunities, better access to potential customers,and a solid international reputation.