Digital agency E-PR Online on 5 reasons to use PR to promote your startup or grow your brand in any niche

My name is Irina Proskurina, I am a PR professional and the CEO of E-PR Online. Our agency is the leading digital platform that helps people and businesses grow their brands through slick media strategies
In this guide, you’ll find 5 reasons why PR is a superb tool to give your growing startup the head start it needs or grow your brand no matter the scale or niche.
1. Increase organic traffic to your website
PR gives a boost to a company’s website traffic thanks to:
media coverage
high-quality backlinks
press releases

Alexander Tulko, the founder and CEO of Digital Avicenna, knows first-hand how useful PR is for website traffic. Digital Avicenna is an innovative company that strives to make cardiological screening interpretation (and potentially other types of medical screening) convenient and affordable to anyone in need. The brand is dedicated to addressing the scarcity of skilled medical professionals by lending the expertise of its stellar medical team. This model is especially beneficial for such regions as Africa, India, and South America.

Alexander is promoting his brand in B2C, B2B, and B2G (business-to-government) sectors, which makes it crucial for the company to gain visibility and credibility among various consumer cohorts. Early on since the launch of his business, he faced the issue of low website traffic – people didn’t see or feel compelled to visit the brand page.
That’s when Alexander decided to turn to PR and start a targeted campaign in the Indian market that presented a particularly promising locale showing a demand for his services. In just several months since the beginning of the campaign which consisted of press releases and media ads, website traffic jumped from a couple of dozens a day to nearly 1,000 daily visits.

It helped Digital Avicenna gain the necessary visibility and proceed to grow the company’s client profile. At the moment, Alexander is leading negotiations with several Indian companies about establishing partnerships and expanding the brand’s presence in the country.

2. Improve recognition and establish a positive brand image
When you collaborate with respected media, they will find a way to present your startup in the best light by accentuating its value and educating people about the solutions you offer.
That’s exactly what happened to Magnat Fine Jewelry – a sophisticated brand that offers clients diamond investment opportunities as well as jewelry of the highest quality. Rodion Ksonzenko, the founder of Magnat Fine Jewelry, underlines that the central concept that the brand explores is to combine the infinite beauty and tangible profitability of diamonds. Rodion wanted to communicate this idea and image to the brand’s audiences to maximize brand growth.
PR became just the right tool for Magnat Fine Jewelry. Rodion worked with a dedicated PR team to build an expert image and thought leadership in the luxury jewelry segment. He recently published a book about diamonds and gifts it to clients. This is not only a nice personal touch but also a smart marketing move. This tactic elevated the brand’s public image and made Rodion a trusted name in the niche.

The brand’s founder emphasizes that PR works best when it covers all aspects of the brand image. “Whether it’s a press release, event, or media partnership, we strive to use PR as a holistic tool that maintains our brand image and helps us build meaningful relations with our valued clients,” explains Rodion. It’s safe to say that this approach has allowed the company to establish a solid reputation and improve customer acquisition and retention alike.

3. Attract investors for startup financing
PR provides social proof crucial for establishing your brand credibility in front of potential investors and partners. If people and media are talking about your startup, it’s a sure sign it has ‌vast potential for sound growth and, subsequently, a high ROI.
Realiste, a Dubai-based prop-tech startup that develops AI for real estate investing, is an excellent example of a company that utilizes PR to bring influential people to the negotiating table.
The company's CEO, Anastasia Denisova, underlines that the team has been attentive to its media coverage since its launch in 2022. The brand specifically focused on market research, analytics, and real estate price forecasts based on data and insights gathered by the Realiste AI algorithm. That strategy paid off: reports published by top-tier regional media outlets, including Arabian Business, Khaleej Times, and Fast Company ME, helped establish Realiste as the leading expert on the market. “As we help real estate investors to make smart decisions and maximize their returns, it was crucial for us to become a benchmark in the niche,” explains Anastasia.
Becoming a household name in the local industry is not the only result PR brought to Realiste. Publications also helped the brand score partnerships with the region's prominent construction companies, VCs, and investment funds. “Thanks to PR, we attracted more than 10 business leaders to our advisory board and found partners and investors for a joint venture in Saudia Arabia.” Particularly, Realiste leverages increased media visibility to secure funding from individual investors starting at $500,000.

4. Showcase your innovations
PR communicates your technology or solution in a clear, customer-oriented way;
It builds a comprehensive narrative around your business know-hows to make them appealing and desirable.
Nomax Therapeutics is an amazing case of a forward-thinking biotech brand that is leveraging PR to bring value to people. The company’s founder Max Temnik has invested in the development of a breakthrough scientific technology that’s bound to change the way we treat Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. Temnik is testing Parkison’s treatment based on the patented approach of isotope-selective modulation of the immune system.
The technology has completed Phase 1 clinical trials with astonishing results, demonstrating both safety and efficiency in treating the condition. However, Max Temnik has faced reluctance and skepticism toward his new approach from the scientific community, big pharma, and regular audiences.

“That’s often the case with new treatments and technologies in biotech. People tend to fear what they don’t know. That’s why we needed a reliable channel to familiarize consumers with our innovations and tell them about their value,” explains Max.
PR became this channel for Nomax Therapeutics. The company is working on refining its brand narrative that generates interest in scientific and general public circles alike, publishing articles about the progress of trials, telling readers more about the technology, and more. PR is also helping the brand establish a stronger presence in the space which will benefit the company in the long run.

5. Bring forward your ethical values and brand philosophy
Do you genuinely care about a certain cause? Does your business solution help address any social issues or improve people’s lives? Tell your audiences about it! They will listen, relate, and trust your business. is a startup whose core philosophy is to help people start a new, better life by finding a job abroad and facilitating visa sponsorship. The company regularly collects customer feedback and uses it to deliver real value to clients. actively uses PR and engages all of its communication channels, including social media, to share useful tips with relocating individuals and professionals or post relevant vacancies around the world. You might find a lucrative IT job posting in the USA or Canada through a simple Instagram post or get advice from European employment lawyers in a Reel. is planning to expand its media presence and bring even more value to those seeking relocation and immigration.