E-PR Online: Pioneering a New Era of Digital PR for Global Brands and Media

With over a decade of experience in the PR industry, Irina Proskurina, E-PR's founder and CEO, envisioned an agency that transcends traditional strategies and challenges outdated perceptions of public relations.

"Some may regard PR as an outdated marketing approach, limited to press releases and story pitching. However, PR has evolved into a diverse and dynamic field. At E-PR, we utilize various strategies to connect with clients and target audiences, merging tried-and-true PR methods with digital and influencer marketing. Furthermore, we eliminate physical and digital barriers between brands and media," Irina explains.

Limitless PR

E-PR has earned a reputation as one of the most extensive PR agencies, maintaining connections with over 10,000 prestigious global media outlets, including Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Vogue. Regardless of market, cultural nuances, or language, E-PR enables professionals and brands worldwide to promote their businesses in their chosen media. The E-PR team expertly selects the right media, crafts copy in the target language, and devises a publishing strategy from scratch.

For example, a French entrepreneur entering the Asian market can rely on E-PR to connect with top regional media outlets and develop a compelling brand narrative that appeals to local audiences.

E-PR's adaptability and technological expertise make it a game-changer for businesses and startups across all industries and sizes. Clients can trust E-PR to navigate unfamiliar regional media landscapes, adapting messaging to suit diverse cultural contexts and crafting content in multiple languages to resonate with target audiences.
Innovative, Data-Driven PR

E-PR is revolutionizing the PR industry with its emphasis on data-driven decision-making. By analyzing data from social media, web analytics, and other digital sources, E-PR creates targeted, effective campaigns that resonate with consumers and deliver tangible results for clients.

"Our team at E-PR recognizes the ever-evolving nature of digital marketing and is committed to staying ahead of the curve. We continuously experiment with new technologies, platforms, and strategies to find the most effective ways to engage with audiences in the digital age. We utilize cutting-edge marketing and PR software and consistently review industry trends," says Ms. Proskurina.

E-PR is also a pioneer in AI-assisted content creation for PR, leveraging advanced AI bots to produce high-quality written content for publications. AI tools help E-PR's writers generate article ideas, create captivating titles, and refine their writing style, all while accelerating content production without compromising quality.

Relationships Matter
E-PR's dynamic approach is further supported by its focus on cultivating relationships with influencers and thought leaders across various industries. Recognizing the sway these key players hold over consumer behavior, E-PR leverages their platforms to amplify clients' brand messages and boost sales.

The Driving Force
Irina Proskurina's passion and expertise fuel E-PR's success. Her extensive professional network and multi-industry experience enable her to implement effective business solutions, ensuring E-PR remains ahead of the curve and delivers exceptional results to clients.

What's Next for E-PR

Committed to remaining at the forefront of digital marketing and PR, E-PR plans to expand its media catalog, offer new services, and develop educational initiatives to showcase the multifaceted nature of PR.

Source: 10news.com

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