E-PR Online’s Irina Proskurina on the Power of a Brand’s “Media About Us” Website Section

Hi, I’m Irina Proskurina, a seasoned PR expert and CEO of E-PR Online — a modern New York-based digital PR agency. In a now regular column, I am bringing to you the hottest PR trends and the most useful tips on how to leverage PR for the growth of your business based on the most successful client cases.

The world of modern PR has witnessed a seismic shift fr om the era of simple press releases to the power of storytelling, engagement, and building trust. One of the manifestations of this shift is the rise of a brand’s “About Us” (“Media About Us”/”As Seen On…”, etc.) sections on its website. These spaces are not just obligatory aspects of a digital presence, but an opportunity for businesses to solidify their brand image and foster trust.

What purpose does a “Media About Us” website page serve for your business? The answer is manyfold.

1. The “About Us” page is your brand’s biography. It’s where potential customers, partners, and investors learn about your business’s journey, vision, and mission. More than providing basic information, it’s a chance for you to tell your story, showcasing your brand’s personality and values.

2. The “Media About Us” section is a testament to your brand’s credibility. When credible media outlets publish articles about your business, it’s like a third-party endorsement. These mentions and features can significantly impact your brand reputation and help inspire trust in your audience.

3. People are more likely to trust a brand that’s been featured in established media outlets. It adds a level of validation that’s hard to replicate by self-promotion. A positive review or a news feature about your product or service is perceived as more authentic, and it can go a long way in establishing your brand in the market.

4. This section offers invaluable social proof. When potential customers see that others have praised your business, they are more likely to trust your brand and invest in your product or service.

5. Similarly, prospective partners and investors pay keen attention to this section. It gives them a sense of your brand’s industry presence and market acceptance. A well-documented media presence can significantly increase your chances of securing strategic partnerships and attracting potential investors.

6. Finally, these sections provide you with the chance to control your narrative. You can highlight the aspects of your business that you are most proud of and make sure the most accurate, positive image of your brand is the one that’s presented to the world.

Source: medium.com

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