E-PR Online: Unveiling a Revolutionary Shift in Public Relations with an Exciting New Platform Enhancement

Fortunately, there are digital agencies such as E-PR Online that are rising to the challenge. E-PR Online is disrupting the traditional PR industry with its transparent and innovative approach to PR services. Their mission is to provide clients with a clear, honest, and effective PR service that aligns with their specific needs and budget. Utilizing AI, media analytics, and other tools, the agency consistently delivers excellent results and seeks further growth.

In today's era of social media dominance and the increasing importance of online reputation management, PR has become more critical than ever. Brands must establish a strong online presence and maintain a consistently positive brand image to stand out. With abundant information available online, consumers are more informed and discerning. A negative review or mismanaged social media account can significantly impact a business's reputation and result in the loss of customers. Conversely, a positive online reputation can foster customer trust, enhance brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales.

The essence of PR lies in building a solid brand reputation and effectively communicating it to a global audience. However, traditional PR agencies often lack transparency, requiring large-scale upfront contracts and providing vague media reports that make it difficult for clients to understand the value of their investment. In fact, many major international PR agencies refuse contracts worth less than $10,000 for a minimum of six months. Despite the substantial fees, clients have little control over where their publications will appear.

To address these pain points, Irina Proskurina, a former professional model turned successful entrepreneur, founded E-PR Online with the goal of providing customers with transparency and flexibility in their PR campaigns.

"While working as a marketing director for a prominent international fashion brand, I personally experienced the lack of transparency and outdated PR strategies employed by even the most renowned PR agencies. When I launched E-PR, my mission was to revolutionize the industry and address these pressing customer concerns. I firmly believe that PR should be accessible to everyone, not just large brands with extensive budgets. That's why we have built a platform that disrupts the PR industry by leveraging the power of AI and technological innovation to democratize public relations," explains Irina.

Irina and her team of PR professionals embarked on the challenging task of revolutionizing PR services, a risk that not many companies are willing to take. However, their efforts are already paying off. Unlike traditional PR agencies, E-PR Online does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Through their comprehensive approach, the agency makes PR affordable, transparent, and agile.

So, what exactly is their solution?

The agency's website functions as a PR marketplace, where clients can choose to be published in over 10,000 global media outlets, including influential platforms like Bloomberg, Forbes, TechCrunch, The New York Times, and Vogue. Additionally, E-PR Online collaborates with renowned crypto-focused media outlets such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, AMB Crypto, Cryptonews, and others. These partnerships with media giants enable the agency to devise effective strategies for both commercial and political PR.

"Our goal is to effectively connect brands and individuals with the media, providing them with a powerful public influence tool that enables clients to build a strong reputation and exert public impact through PR," says Irina.

E-PR Online also offers top-tier copywriting services to help clients convey their marketing messages or create a comprehensive brand narrative. Moreover, E-PR Online is one of the
first agencies to utilize AI for copywriting, streamlining the writing and editing process while ensuring high-quality results. This innovative approach guarantees faster, more accurate, and more affordable writing services compared to traditional PR agencies.

"Our platform empowers clients to customize their PR campaigns by selecting media outlets and copywriters, as well as seek advice from our team of experts to achieve better business outcomes," adds Irina. "We are continuously exploring new ways to enhance our platform and make PR accessible to everyone."

Over the course of three years, E-PR Online has built a unique media catalog featuring over 10,000 outlets from 60 countries. This extensive selection offers clients a wide range of options based on their specific needs, target markets, and desired publication languages. With an investment of over $250,000 in their website and platform, the agency now boasts a steady monthly revenue of $50,000.

E-PR Online's innovative approach to PR services has already yielded impressive results, attracting renowned brands and professionals from various industries such as real estate, law, politics, fashion, and fintech. Irina's team assists clients in unlocking new audiences, establishing thought leadership, boosting customer loyalty, and increasing sales. Regardless of the client's requirements, goals, or budget constraints, E-PR Online has a sophisticated solution at their disposal.

Currently, the agency manually accepts and processes client orders, but this is about to change. To optimize operations and improve customer service, E-PR Online is introducing a new feature called the personal client profile. This feature empowers clients to control and customize their PR campaigns at every step. They can log in, sel ect their preferred media outlets, upload their content, choose between hiring a copywriter or utilizing AI writing services, and make payment using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. This streamlined ordering process enhances the services provided by the agency and helps brands maintain agility and competitiveness in the ever-evolving PR industry.

E-PR Online specialists emphasize that the personal client profile not only enhances the services but also provides customers with autonomy and agency. The agency strives to strike a balance between providing expert services and giving clients the freedom to navigate the process of building their PR campaigns.

The launch of the personal client profile will further enhance E-PR Online's innovation and flexibility. "We are committed to disrupting the PR industry and empowering our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed," says Irina. "Our utilization of AI and technology is just the beginning. With our forward-thinking approach, we believe we can help brands and individuals achieve their goals and ultimately contribute to making the world a better place."

Another upcoming innovation is the integration of the platform with a media analytics tool. This integration will provide clients with accurate information about their chosen media outlets, including relevant statistics on reader audiences, page visits, and more. This data will enable customers to make even more informed decisions when crafting a robust PR campaign.
Currently, E-PR Online is actively seeking an angel investor to provide $100,000 in funding to finalize the full upgrade of their digital marketplace. Irina Proskurina highlights that the investment will cover more than just refining the personal account feature. The E-PR Online team plans to update their media catalog and enhance their database to offer an even wider choice of media outlet options to clients.

The angel investor will receive a share in the growing company and the opportunity to promote their business through seven publications in selected media outlets fr om the E-PR Online catalog. Crypto investors will also be offered a discount on every crypto payment made by the agency's clients through the platform.

"We are already in discussions with several major investment funds, and securing additional financial resources is a matter of time. We are thrilled to see the potential of our PR solution recognized by competitors, customers, and investors. Our search for an angel investor is a
strategic step that will allow us to grow and improve at an even faster pace," comments Irina.
Irina and her team have confidence in their vision and their ability to achieve success with their unique approach to PR services. E-PR Online's focus on technology, transparency, and competitive edge sets them apart in the PR industry.

Source: openpr.com

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