How Public Relations Affect Business Development Today: Irina Proskurina - PR Expert and CEO of E-PR Online Agency

The world of public relations is forever-growing, allowing brands to be influencers and influencers to be brands. It allows companies to meet their customer on a virtual stage, connecting with them and sharing with them their mission, vision and values.

Only when engagement is high with a target audience does a company see flourishing sales and its name synonymous with its market.

The Power of PR

Here are the facts.

Advertising is paid media— while it does help get brands get their name out there, customers know that they paid for their ad.

If brands want authenticity, they should turn to public relations.

“Advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media… it appears in the editorial section of the magazine, newspaper, TV station or website, rather than the ‘paid media’ section where advertising messages appear,” Forbes reports. “So, your story has more credibility because it was independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than purchased.”

Moreover, public relations help increase brand relevance.

“PR is the ‘golden mouthpiece’ of your business identity—it gives you an edge that allows you to thrive and monetize,” another Forbes article explains. “Public relations is a way for a business to effectively convey its brand’s voice and to position the brand in the way it wants to be known to the public.”

PR ultimately helps get the story of a brand narrative through the door. It’s an effective and organic way to build a brand empire and sustain the relationships of both customers and stakeholders.

Trust the Experts

According to statistics published in 2022 by Statista, the global PR market was worth 88 billion in 2022; by the end of 2025, the industry is expected to be worth more than 129 billion dollars.
What this means is that if a company is not investing in public relations strategy, then their competitors most definitely are — and it means their names are out there in the media circulating and garnering the attention of target audiences.

Investing in PR therefore means finding a firm that can story-tell, strategize and partner with the media seamlessly so that the desired brand makes the front page. E-PR online is one such agency, steered by marketing and media professional, Irina Proskurina.

Proskurina came to New York fr om Eastern Europe at a young age and modeled for big name brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, and L’Oreal. Learning the behind-the-scenes of branding, storytelling and creating an image that lasts, she turned her focus to public relations.

And she never looked back.

“What I tell all my clients is this: your image is your brand and your brand is your story— they all need to connect, stand out and ultimately make a difference for your audience,” Proskurina explained. “With my help, my clients are able to get their presence online, partnering with media outlets as big as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Women on Business and more so that they can be noticed and build their much-deserved legacy.”

What E-PR Online Can Do

Whether a client is English-speaking, Russian-speaking, or any client from around the globe, Proskurina and her agency are able to deliver personal PR strategy that makes a lasting impact.

The agency boasts over two decades of experience in brand strategy and awareness, digital impressions, higher SEO and media pitching. They have partners across 6,000 media channels and have 58 professional copywriters ready to tell any brand narrative, in any language, through an array of virtual lenses whether it be YouTube, email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or traditional media content.

Additionally, Proskurina’s team is able to analyze internet traffic, set up end-to-end analytics and harness the highest ROI for all clients.

“All our clients find that once they start investing in PR, they just can’t stop,” Proskurina said, smiling. “It’s addicting to realize that once you have a direct way to engage with your target audiences, they support your brand right back; seeing your brand and your name and your purpose written about effectively online allows my clients to feel like their story— their voice— is finally being heard.”

E-PR online also sets up advertising campaigns across Google, YouTube and Yandex as well as develops a client’s design and brand identity if they need. This can be through banners, stories, brand-books, presentations, logo development, illustrations, UX/UI design, web design and motion design.

Working With Irina Proskurina

If a company is ready to take their brand to the next level, Proskurina and her agency are able to help.

Working with other clients like Kiton, LBC Capital, Marriott and Ofirio to name a few, Proskurina and her extensive, powerful network has made powerhouses out of brands, personally seeing their PR tactics through with diligence, passion and success.

“Whether you need higher SEO, copywriters that tell your story effectively, better media presence, marketing, or overall brand strategy, E-PR online is the agency for you,” the PR professional shared. “Our agency is here to be your partner, your collaborator and your guide into a world wh ere your brand gets the recognition it deserves.”

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