How the PR Industry is Being Disrupted by the Use of AI and Other Technological Innovations

It is not a secret that the PR industry as it is right now is riddled with many pain points that complicate the lives of businesses and professionals wishing to promote themselves.

E-PR Online is an innovative platform that has transformed the public relations industry by providing clients with a comprehensive catalog of media outlets for their campaigns. The platform has successfully bridged the gap between PR professionals and media outlets by offering a one-stop shop for all PR needs.

Research shows that E-PR Online's vast selection of media outlets is a significant advantage for clients looking to reach their target audience effectively. According to Prowly, 80% of PR professionals agree that education on a media outlet is critical to a successful pitch. E-PR Online's catalog of media outlets offers clients a vast selection of relevant journalists to pitch to along with their performance analysis, increasing their chances of reaching their target audience.

As clients build out their order on the platform, they select the media they want to publish their campaign in and automatically see the estimated cost of publishing in that specific publication. After choosing the desired publication, the user will be prompted to indicate the type of PR services they require; article, blog, press release, etc. The finalized order is then sent off to the service manager, who reviews it and provides the client with the final cost of services. Once the client makes their payment, the manager sets off to facilitate the order with the assistance of professional copywriters or AI, depending on the client’s preferences.

Throughout the entire process, the client’s order is carefully tracked on the platform’s dashboard, providing progress updates. When the ordered services are completed and published, the client is notified immediately.

The platform has a messaging system that allows clients to communicate with the service manager, ensuring that their PR needs are fulfilled appropriately. It is a seamless system that takes away many of the pain points of the current PR world.

The worst part about the current PR practices is that many brands are in the dark about the performance of their campaigns. Leveraging AI, E-PR developed a platform that tracks media once the content is published. It works similarly to the analytical “Insights” that Instagram creators use to view the performance and reach of their various posts, reels, and stories. However, E-PR’s platform is far more robust, automating future SEO content, conducting brand sentiment analysis, and providing relevant suggestions for enhancing copy quality.

E-PR’s AI tools give brands and professionals insight into how their published content is being adapted and how it is being used. It will show clients how often the media is accessed, how many accounts or individuals it reaches, in what parts of the world it is being used, and the time spent reading the publication.

These analytics are revolutionary for PR because they help brands become more strategic in promoting themselves, their products, and their services. Using this assessment, brands get access to expert recommendations that allow them to adjust their strategy and formulate a better game plan for future campaigns. The power of AI provides a customizable, powerful tool that will make PR a lot more scalable as they migrate to online spaces.

With the highly innovative design of E-PR Online, gone are the days of endless phone calls and meetings just to get a publication to the media regarding your business goals and achievements. With the help of technological innovations and automation, getting the word out about your products and services is becoming more streamlined, thanks to the innovative approach used by E-PR Online.

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