Irina Proskurina: Helping People Create Success Everywhere She Goes

Fr om humble beginnings in a small town in Eastern Europe to big city living under the bright lights of New York City, Irina Proskurina has done it all. She’s a model that has traveled all over the world working for some of the most well-known brands on the planet: Armani, Hugo Boss, and Loreal to name a few.

Fast forward to 2022 and Proskurina has elevated herself to new heights. “I think helping people is my purpose,” said Proskurina in a 2017 interview. The past few years of her career have brought that statement to life. She is the founder and CEO of the modeling agency Forma Models as well as the digital marketing agency E-PR online. Proskurina holds these titles today because she operates fr om a place of experience and knowledge. It isn’t only that she wants to help people, she also knows how to help people get what they need.
Early On, Irina Proskurina Knew She Was Destined for Great Things.

Born in the quiet town of Stavropol, Irina Proskurina grew up with limited social mobility. She knew that in order to do great things, she had to move out of her hometown to achieve her goals. So, at the age of 19, Proskurina moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being a model. She hit her stride as a model and found great success by learning everything she could about the industry. As she continued along her career path, Proskurina shifted her focus to another one of her childhood dreams: starting a business. In 2016, she finished her MBA in marketing, and this opened the door for many new opportunities.

Connecting Her Passions

As Irina Proskurina progressed in her modeling career, she noticed just how cutthroat the industry can be. She had no agency to help her close deals or sign contracts. There was no one helping her with her travel accommodations and guiding her along her journey. Proskurina saw a void in her profession and wanted to make sure that no girls would have to go through the challenges she faced.

So, with the knowledge she built up in the modeling industry, Proskurina decided to launch her own modeling agency known as Forma Models. When asked about her agency’s mission, Proskurina had this to say:
“As a model from Eastern Europe, I know many beautiful European girls who don’t know wh ere to start. They don’t know what they need to do first to start their journey in the fashion world. I’m their first step! I know how difficult and dangerous it is… and I just want to help. Whether it’s visas, model apartments, pictures, or castings… I help regular girls become models… models in New York City!”

Here we see a clear example of Proskurina’s determination to help people with her expertise. Her agency has opened the door for many young European women that share the same dream that Proskurina had when she first came to New York. Forma Models wouldn’t be wh ere it is today if it didn’t have the solid foundation that Proskurina built it on, which includes a highly knowledgeable team of industry experts.

To further help aspiring models with their journey, Proskurina created UMMA bot. UMMA is a chatbot that was designed as a tool to help models with personalized advice and offer key information about the industry. She even has her own course, “How to Become a Model in America and Beyond,” wh ere she offers more of her inside knowledge about modeling. With her expertise and knowledge of the ins and outs of modeling, Proskurina has helped young women not only navigate, but thrive in the modeling industry.

Irina Proskurina Has a High Standard of Success in Multiple Industries

While Irina Proskurina has had tremendous success both as a model and modeling agency CEO, her ambition has helped her thrive in other industries as well. After earning her MBA in Marketing, Proskurina became well-equipped with the tools necessary to take her ambitions and make them a reality.

Another one of Proskurina’s ambitions was to create an agency that could help brands and individuals get media exposure and recognition. This desire inspired Proskurina to create E-PR online, a public relations agency that helps its clients promote themselves in a hyper-competitive business world.

Ranking at the top of a Google search and Google news can be life-changing for a business/brand. With so many skilled entrepreneurs fighting for a slice of the market, finding ways to stand out is crucial. This is exactly what E-PR online is designed to provide for its clients.

E-PR online offers a wide range of services to help its customers grow their brand and their business. You get much more from E-PR online than a simple advertisement. The agency provides professionals that help with their clients’ SMM, SEO, brand identity, Telegram bot-building, and so much more. E-PR online’s media partners are among the best in the world: Forbes, The New York Times, GQ, Bloomberg… the list goes on and on. Growing a business and building a brand is no easy task in today’s environment. But with Proskurina’s expertise and connections along with an extremely competent team at E-PR online, making the world aware of who you are and what your brand is all about won’t be an issue.

Proskurina has a wealth of experience in the digital media world. She understands just how valuable it is to have a strong presence online and the wonders it can do for a business. That’s why E-PR online offers wide-ranging and comprehensive services. With E-PR online, you can get an article about you and your company published in the AP or have a Wikipedia page curated by a team of professional writers.

Once being a young girl from a foreign country trying to make it big in New York, Proskurina learned all the challenges that come with exposure and selling yourself and your brand. She took those lessons and built a team to ensure that its customers don’t have to face the issues that she did years ago. With E-PR online, Proskurina has given people the opportunity to make a name for themselves and thrive the same way she has.

The Sky's The Lim it

Even with all that Irina Proskurina has accomplished in her career thus far, she is only scratching the surface of her potential. She is consistently pushing herself to learn new things and adapt with the times to ensure that her businesses offer solutions that are effective and of the highest quality. With her continuous dedication to her craft, her businesses will undoubtedly continue to flourish. Best of all, Proskurina will continue to help people, exactly the way she always envisioned she would be doing.


Image by pch.vector on Freepik