PR As An Outreach Marketing Tool – How Publishing In Media Helps You Access New Audiences

Throughout the years working in PR industry, I’ve realized that no business can thrive and grow without a dedicated customer base and a positive customer acquisition dynamic. That’s why getting people to notice and recognize your brand is one of the central goals of effective marketing.

Developing a strategy to expand your audience reach includes a variety of tactics such as social media activity, ad buys, and brand partnerships. However, entrepreneurs often overlook the immense potential media publishing can bring to their reach growth.

In fact, if you are trying to emerge into your target market or explore new audiences, PR is the way to go. And here’s why:

Public exposure through earned media drives up to 40% of organic traffic and leads. Or, in simpler terms, you access wider, more diverse audiences that are likely to find your brand appealing.

Getting media coverage allows you to connect with various customer personas without having to segment your marketing messages and adjust them to different outreach channels. That’s because every major reputable media has a miscellaneous reader/viewer base – you’ll be sure to find your target customers among those.

The more you work with various media outlets, the better understanding of effective outreach you’ll gain. Your marketing team will learn what branded messages and stories are newsworthy and appealing to general audiences and craft targeted content to attract more and more consumers.

As you increase your media coverage, your business can establish itself as a thought leader or trendsetter in a particular niche. This opens up new outreach opportunities such as guest posting and long-term media partnerships.

Working with renowned media gives you the creative freedom to experiment with different types of content. You can try out several narratives and refine your brand voice to see what works best to cater to large audiences and peak people’s interest in your product/service.

Pro-tip: to maximize audience outreach, combine positive media coverage with your in-house marketing strategy. You can:

Dedicate a separate section of your website to media publications about your brand. Visitors who surf your page can check out the links to learn more about your business and conveniently share them with others.

Use the most flattering quotes from media publications in your ads, packaging design, or other marketing materials. This is a great way to attract new consumers who already trust a media outlet you’re working with.

Bottom line: increasing media presence through publications in respected media outlets organically exposes your brand to bigger audiences. Even a single high-quality publication gives you instant access to thousands of consumers.

Tap into this growing visibility to connect with potential customers and win their trust through valuable content. Make sure you secure regular media exposure to kill two birds with one stone: boost audience reach and build brand awareness. According to statistics, it takes people 5-7 impressions to start recognizing a brand after seeing its name for the first time.

So don’t stop once you’ve spotted an increase in organic traffic upon a media publication. Keep up the pace and you’ll see how repeated media exposure pays off in the form of an expanding lead and customer base for your business.


Image by vectorjuice on Freepik