PR for eCommerce: A Secret Weapon for Business Success

Venturing into eCommerce is exciting and challenging at the same time. Whether you’re running your store on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or a custom-built website, you have to compete with numerous other sellers for customers’ attention and loyalty.

To do this effectively and become the leader in your eCommerce niche, you can – and should – employ PR in your business strategy. The benefits of Public Relations for eCommerce are as diverse as the platforms themselves, and the deeper toy dive into this asset, the more you’ll boost your business.

Some of the major advantages PR brings to your online store include:

Great marketplace exposure. If you want your brand to be featured on the leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, you need a better reach and media coverage. PR professionals leverage their relationships with platform representatives, pitch compelling stories about your products or store, and negotiate promotional opportunities that drive more sales and a larger clientele to your store.

Successful product launches. PR is the go-to tool to generate the buzz around your eCommerse store and new product lines. A series of publications in industry-specific media that highlights the perks and features of your product will go a long way to attract vast audiences to your brand, making for a great launch.

Improved SEO and organic traffic. PR efforts lead to online media mentions and backlinks that can improve your eCommerce website’s search engine ranking. Say, a feature in a tech online magazine about your electronic gadget store will drive active organic traffic.

Successful discount and special offer promotions. PR is a great tool to strategically time and promote your eCommerce store’s special deals. For example, a well-planned PR campaign will highlight your online fashion store’s Black Friday or New Year deals, attracting increased traffic and sales during the holiday shopping seasons.

Crisis management. A good PR campaign is your defence mechanism against any negative publicity or crises. For instance, if a customer complaint about your product goes viral, a swift, sophisticated PR response can mitigate the damage to your brand’s reputation.

Opportunities for partnerships, investments, and successful mergers. If you have positive media coverage, chances are higher that biggers brands or powerful investors will be interested in working with your eCommerce store.

The list goes on and on. Publications in reputable media are a true goldmine for your eCommerce business no matter the product you’re promoting.

Many of our clients at E-PR Online come to us from the eCommerce niche, not knowing the untapped potential that awaits them through strategic PR. It’s our mission to help them make the most of media exposure in the right outlets, so we have gathered a list of media that will bring your eCommerce business the best results possible. Our catalog includes:

Business Insider
Real Simple
Fast Company
Retail Insight Network
Retail Network, and more.

Even a single publication in one of these renowned media outlets can become a game-changer for your eCommerce venture. Experience this impact first-hand and grow exponentially on the eCommerce platforms of your choice.


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