PR is King: Irina Proskurina of E-PR online on the Best Customer Success Stories

My name is Irina Proskurina, and I am a proud CEO and founder of E-PR online — a New York-based digital platform that leverages online publications in the world’s most renowned media outlets to help people and businesses grow their brands.

With years of experience in PR under my belt, I’ve witnessed amazing client success stories: explosive audience reach boost, growth in SERP rankings and traffic, excellent brand reputation — you name it. In this column, I’d like to share these stories to inspire readers to pursue PR strategies for their business endeavors. This tool is worth exploring and investing in — you’ll soon see for yourself.

This column is not simply an ode to the multiple benefits PR can bring to anyone seeking business success. It’s also a collection of curious case studies from different brands, professionals, and niches.
Gennady Perepada: Mr. Manhattan Takes Advantage of PR to Fuel the Reputation of His Luxury Real Estate Business

Gennady Perepada is the go-to professional when it comes to real estate. A licensed real estate broker and international investment consultant, Gennady founded One & Only Realty — a boutique brokerage firm famous for exceptional service and taking an individual approach to every client.

Gennady’s dedication and profound expertise have brought One & Only Realty to the top of the New York luxury real estate niche. However, Mr. Perepada struggled to boost the brand’s credibility to a wider audience of potential customers. And that’s when he solicited our services at E-PR.

We quickly figured out that Gennady would benefit from a boost in media presence and the blue verification checkmark on his branded social media accounts. To many, the famous blue checkmark may seem like a meaningless digital status attribute. However, this tiny icon next to your brand’s account name can be a true game changer:

it helps your brand to be perceived as credible and respected;

it gives you a boost in reputation;

it fosters better social media engagement;

it’s excellent for networking: the checkmark makes a brand more appealing to other brands and/or social media influencers.

To help Gennady and his firm reap all these benefits and score the blue checkmark, we set off on a quest to increase the visibility of his brand and persona in the media space. This required regular, fresh, unique publications in renowned media outlets. Our E-PR team immediately got to work:

we developed a content plan;

we conducted a series of interviews with Mr. Perepada and his partners at One & Only Realty;

our copywriters created a set of SEO-optimized, highly relevant publications that appeared in top international media outlets.

Just weeks later, Gennady Perepada successfully obtained the blue verification mark for his branded social media accounts.

“It certainly made a difference for the business! We’ve seen a great boost in our click-through rate, audience engagement, and, of course, conversions. Our SERP rankings have never been higher. Needless to say, our brand awareness and credibility have grown too,” says Gennady.

The desired blue checkmark was not the only productive outcome of Gennady’s work with E-PR. The agency has also helped Mr. Perepada develop an authentic brand narrative and messaging. In fact, One & Only Realty was so inspired by one of the publications that the brand came up with a new direction in its growth — fashion real estate. The firm now works with fashion experts to create unique, personalized designs to bring property deals to a new level.

The lesson to learn from this customer success story? When you seek PR services for a specific goal, you might end up gaining a lot of benefits on top of what you were initially seeking. That’s the case with Gennady Perepada and many other clients E-PR online has worked with over the past years. Stay tuned to discover even more stories you can learn from!


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