PR’s New Leading Lady: Irina Proskurina

The evergreen world of public relations weathers many storms and all have just one constant: how the media perceives you, and what they say about you — and if they say anything at all — is everything.

For model turned PR professional, Irina Proskurina, she has learned to wield the power of this truth for all her clients by growing a network of the best names in the industry. In other words, she gets the media talking— and talking well— about her clients.

And customers have been taking notice.

Specifically, her ambition for such PR finesse comes fr om her very own background as an immigrant who came to the United States with a dream. Born in Europe, in the Northern Caucasus region, Proskurina grew up with limited opportunity, so she worked hard to get to where she is today.

Young Irina Proskurina found herself studying profusely at an English-oriented educational institution, making her way to New York to study as soon as she had the chance. And New York, in its big and prolific foundation for possibility, changed her life.

Indeed, it didn’t take long before Proskurina was signing modeling contracts with big names like Armani, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, and L’Oreal, learning to market her skills and her personal brand in an industry that is as fierce as it is competitive. She grew in her confidence of herself as well as her ability to craft an image.

After several successful runs with top name brands, this model decided she wanted to take her abilities to self-brand on a larger scale. She wanted to help other models across the world come to the United States, earn their visa and make their dreams come true.

It is for this reason that she founded Forma Models, Inc, a model agency that is all about propelling models’ careers fr om around the globe and giving them the resources necessary to succeed. One of those resources was Irina herself who mentored each woman and encouraged her to not only propel her modeling career but also get an education.

“Everyone deserves the chance to live their dream,” Proskurina said, powerfully. “A big value of mine is paying it forward and I wanted to make an agency that would help young women find themselves towards the path to success. While being a CEO of this agency, I got my MBA in Marketing and became ready to run a business of a different caliber: public relations.”

Here is when Proskurina opened up her leading media agency: E-PR online.
E-PR online is all about helping companies big and small pursue their brand’s greatest endeavors. Proskurina and her media team boasts passionate copywriters whose writing beats the industry standard. Her marketing education and prior agency experience has allowed her to meet with world leaders, make crucial connections and introduce that network to her clients. Such a formula allowed Proskurina to rise in the world of public relations and establish herself as a thought leader.

With a dream team and a prolific network, E-PR online has now grown its reach to 60 countries, accumulating more than 6,000 media hits for clients like BMW, Kiton and LBC Capital, among others, as well as working with big-name partners like Forbes, The New York Times, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo.

“My clients are my partners— their brand has become a part of my brand: that’s what E-PR online is all about,” Proskurina explained. “I have always had a passion for branding, marketing and carving an original space in industries that can already feel so saturated. My mission is for my clients to make their mark and let their voice be heard.”

All of the agency’s clients have found that Proskurina’s unique approach to storytelling and marketing has been a collaborative experience full of seamless communications and collaboration. Gaining media hits on press releases, editorials, articles and features, clients have found their reach widened through vital Google clicks, media exposure and old fashioned journalism. Their stories— who they are and what they do— finally had a vessel through which they were put on the forefront.

E-PR online has therefore become an agency that offers nothing short of brand awareness, consumer engagement as well as audience loyalty. Proskurina’s team works tirelessly to connect brands to their target audiences and sustain that connection for sales, growth and company success. In other words, each of her clients is able to harness a media presence that translates into sales.

“As the client, you can choose media publications based on your budget, geographic location, language, and topic,” the agency shares on their website. “We help SEO specialists get better results and increase their traffic— [and] with the help of our niche filters, you will be able to choose fr om thousands of internet sites that publish sponsored content, check their audience and quality metrics, and get your articles published in just a few clicks.”

To this end, Proskurina could not be prouder of her special agency whose roots in luxury PR offer a quality experience that elevates the brand essence of each and every client, no matter the industry. Whether it’s fashion, food, real estate, cosmetics and more, each client finds that Proskurina’s team is able to adapt to their niche and share its mission through a unique and original lens.

From opening an agency that now helps other women cross that line from dreams to reality and to help clients feel personally connected to her agency while professionally uplifting their goals, Proskurina is officially in the business of making visions come to life.

“I am proud of who I am and wh ere I came from— and I feel I am exactly wh ere I need to be, helping clients and brands as a whole find their place in their industry,” Proskurina said, smiling. “Public relations is a world wh ere agencies like mine can help companies make a meaningful impact by actually giving them the seeds to grow a presence, so their audience can feel that impact— and that’s the most powerful thing.”