Seeking Website DA Growth? Irina Proskurina Suggests PR as a Tool

My name is Irina Proskurina and I’m a PR professional running E-PR Online — a digital platform that connects brands with the best international media outlets. Our team helps businesses discover the power of PR. In this column, I’m sharing the best client success stories that show just how many amazing advantages a good PR strategy can bring to your business.

PR for Boosting visibility via higher website DA

E-PR Online works with many stellar startups, and is one of them. This young brand combines a design studio and a web software service that helps businesses expand their social media presence and improve brand identity.

The beating heart of is the digital production of unique handwritten signatures and logos for businesses and professionals seeking to promote their personal brand. Every signature is created by a professional calligrapher based on the client’s specific needs and requests. also specializes in developing watermarks, email signatures, social banners, and more. The brand’s free web app automates applying watermarks on various images, streamlining many marketing and copyright-related processes.

The problem

By the time the representatives of contacted our team at E-PR Online, the brand had already launched the service and gathered an impressive number of positive customer reviews. People loved how handcrafted digital signatures impacted branding and reputation. However, the website had low organic traffic. Simply not enough users visited the site, which is a major issue for a startup that strives to boost brand awareness and foster lead generation.

Our team of PR professionals and marketers discovered the reason for the low traffic on the website soon enough. The site had a low Domain Authority (DA) — a crucial metric that determines a website’s relevance on search engines. On a scale from 0 to 100, only scored 6 points. In other words, people could not quickly find information about the brand on Google and other search engines. The brand urgently needed a serious DA boost to grow its online reach and expand its presence on search engines.

The solution

Boosting the DA of a startup’s website is exactly the type of challenge PR professionals are ready to take on. Our team at E-PR Online decided to pursue a slick content strategy to increase the discoverability of Together with our copywriters, we created a series of relevant publications to tell the story of and its mission and bring it to vast online audiences. The pieces were published in popular media outlets with millions of regular readers, making the brand name more recognizable.

If you’re wondering how this strategy has helped the brand increase the DA score, let me expand on the connection between PR and DA:

SEO-optimized media publications always link back to the brand’s website, driving organic traffic from a media outlet.

The more unique, quality content about a brand circulates online, the stronger the backlink profile of the brand’s website. It directly relates to the relevance of the site on the Internet. In other words, PR allowed to become a more visible and reputable online source recognized by Google. In about two months after the launch of our PR campaign, managed to improve its DA by 16 points and score 22 on the DA scale. It also led to a higher SERP ranking — an effect that goes hand in hand with a solid DA score. On top of that, the brand enjoyed increased brand awareness, lead generation, and, of course, better sales.
Bottom line: PR can be a great SEO asset that brings your brand’s website to the top positions of Google search results. After all, authentic, high-quality content appearing in reputable media is the best way to make your business’s online presence matter.


Image by vectorjuice on Freepik