When a Personal Brand Meets the Art of PR

The time of faceless companies is gone, and everyone wants to know who is behind this or that business. The image and reputation of top officials can help attract investors and customers, retain employees and influence profits, or they can ruin a business. The formation of a positive public image of the top will make this process manageable.
What is an entrepreneur’s personal brand?

A personal brand is the formation of recognition and reputation of a leader and an expert, increasing his authority in the minds of representatives of target audiences (CA), a criterion for transparency and openness of corporate communications.

Moreover, it is not necessary that the surname of the first person be in the name of his company, like Chanel, Disney or Kaspersky. At the mention of Pavel Durov’s name, everyone already remembers Telegram, and Steve Jobs — Apple.

If everything is done correctly, its presence will be a serious argument for people to choose a specific company fr om among similar ones.

Why? According to statistics, 45% of the company’s reputation is the reputation of a leader, 44% of the organization’s value also depends on it. Before the advent of the Internet and the active development of social networks, a personal brand characterized a person as a specialist in a certain field. Now any information spreads instantly: one post can change the situation dramatically.

For example, Musk published a loud tweet in May 2020. Tesla shares grew throughout April, despite the pandemic, and a good quarterly report gave the quotes an additional acceleration — they rose to $855 apiece. But on May 2, the growth was stopped by Elon himself, who tweeted: “The price of Tesla shares is too high, it seems to me.”

«Tesla stock price is too high imo»

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020

As ordered, Tesla’s securities collapsed by 10.3% to $701.32 per day. The automaker lost about $14 billion in market capitalization, and Musk’s fortune decreased by $2.8 billion.
Innovative partnership

Olga Bakhlina is author of book “Personal brand: how to promote yourself in fintech” and the founder of the PR agency and startup NFTBirds. She has extensive experience in organizing PR campaigns for large technology companies and banks. Thanks to her unique skills and expertise, she attracts attention at various events, including Skolkovo, T1, Plus, Dom.RF, Multicard and ROSIZO. Her work includes the creation and development of personal brands for top managers fr om dozens of major banks, as well as PR technology companies.

Olga actively publishes her articles in well-known publications such as Forbes, VC, RBC, Kommersant, Plus, Hi-tech and others. Her publications cover various aspects of business, technology and PR. She strives to share her knowledge and experience to help others understand the field of PR and personal brand.

Thanks to her successful career in PR and the development of personal brands, Olga has established herself as an expert in the field of promotion and communications. She appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with various companies and projects, helping them build a clear image and achieve success in the market. Being a part of the dynamic PR industry, it constantly strives to develop and keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations.

Irina Proskurina is the CEO and founder of E-PR online, a public relations and digital marketing agency specializing in the development of a personal brand and business strategy for clients in any sector. Her company provides a wide range of services that allow companies to increase the importance of their brand, increase the engagement of the target audience, benefit fr om SEO and gain a unique space in the market.

Irina started her career after receiving an MBA in business marketing. She has worked with well-known brands and key industry leaders, helping them boost sales through marketing, YouTube targeting, Google advertising and professional copywriting. Thanks to her skills and experience, Irina has established trusting relationships with the agency’s leading media partners, which allows her clients and their brands to use the necessary media presence in a world where virtual interaction plays an increasingly important role.

Irina’s international network includes high-ranking political figures, celebrities, artists and well-known business leaders, as well as bloggers and influential people. Thanks to these connections and contacts, her agency not only constantly poses new challenges, but can also effectively respond to any challenges faced by her clients. Irina Proskurina is a professional in her field and strives to ensure the success of her clients in the modern digital world.

The collaboration of Olga Bakhlina and Irina Proskulina is a close connection between a personal brand and PR. A personal brand is an integral element and foundation for an effective PR strategy. It is not just a concept, but also a special program that allows you to consciously imagine who you are and what ideology and values you reflect in the outside world. A personal brand requires a deep awareness of yourself and what you want to convey to others.

When working on a personal brand, they are determined with information guides, speakers, topics, and the target audience. And when all these components form a single picture, then we can talk about PR. Clearly define in which publications information about you should be published, which target audience should be interested in, as well as which messages should be conveyed through articles, infopod. It is not required to shoot sparrows fr om a cannon, thoughtlessly spending the budget on non-targeted PR events, the result of which is unknown.

Thus, Olga and Irina’s cooperation is an integrated approach, where personal brand and PR complement each other. They work together to identify the target audience, clearly analyze what needs to be highlighted in your company or personality, and create a clear foundation for your broadcast image. They develop a PR strategy that takes into account all aspects of your identity and values, and ensures promotion in large and interesting publications in order to attract the attention of the target audience and promote you as an expert and influential person in your field.Together, a PR strategy is being developed, which is based on the partnership between Olga and Irina.

Olga, as an expert in the field of personal brand, describes the first part of this collaboration, and Irina, with her experience and connections, presents the second part, responsible for PR. She actively cooperates with major publications to ensure the widest coverage and attention to your personality and project.

Their joint collaboration is the result of a partnership where Olga and Irina’s forces combine to achieve impressive results. Olga, with her deep understanding of the personal brand, helps you develop a strategy and program so that you can successfully manifest yourself in the outside world. Irina, with her PR expertise, uses her connections and knowledge to introduce you to major and respected publications where you can achieve maximum impact on your target audience.

In general, the collaboration of Olga Bakhlina and Irina Proskulina combines powerful personal brand and PR tools to create a promotion strategy based on a deep understanding of you and your goals. Their partnership creates a synergy that helps to build a bright and recognizable image, reach the attention of the target audience and turn you into an influential figure in your field.

Personal brand: why do it before publishing articles

Nowadays, the connection between a personal brand and PR is becoming increasingly important, and this fact is becoming more and more obvious. One of the examples confirming this trend is provided by trendsetter Elon Musk. In 2020, he decided to dissolve the Tesla PR department, explaining that his personal brand has much more value than ordinary PR. Elon Musk, of course, is a person who not only follows trends, but also actively forms them. And it is in this direction, connected with his personal brand, that all his further PR campaigns are moving forward.

In the modern world, people are increasingly interested in personality than just dry facts and figures that do not cause an emotional response. They want to see a story in which they can see themselves and with which they can empathize. That is why the effectiveness and attractiveness of a personal brand become important factors for the audience. In our time, when information is available to everyone, the ability to stand out and arouse interest is becoming increasingly important. A personal brand based on personality and unique traits allows you to create a strong connection with the audience and establish trusting relationships. This opens up new opportunities for successful promotion and achievement of goals.

The importance of personal brand and PR lies in the fact that they are inextricably linked with each other. They complement and reinforce each other, creating a synergy that can increase a person’s success and influence. In the modern world where we live, wh ere information is easily accessible and it is important to remain visible, personal brand and PR become an integral part of a successful career and achieving goals. Being interconnected, they help a person stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the audience.

Understanding the essence of a personal brand and its combination with effective PR strategies are becoming an important factor for success and overcoming competition in the modern world. This allows people to build awareness, trust and influence by attracting the target audience and achieving their goals. Personal brand and PR are essential components that help people succeed and achieve success in the field of business and personal career.

Thus, nowadays the connection between a personal brand and PR is becoming more and more significant. This connection allows you to create effective promotion strategies that focus on personality and history. A personal brand attracts attention and causes an emotional reaction, which are key success factors in the modern world of communications. Personal brand and PR become inseparable components that complement each other and contribute to achieving goals and attracting an audience.

PR 2023: how a personal brand is interconnected with PR now

In addition, today we are also seeing an increase of influence marketing – a strategy in which it is no longer so important what to buy, as it is important from whom to buy it. In today’s world, wh ere products are becoming more and more similar, competition lies in what meanings and values are invested in the product. People always evaluate not only the product itself, but also the brand that represents it. That is why the cooperation between a personal brand and PR becomes so significant.

The PR of the first person is inextricably linked with the promotion of the company in the market. This is another communication channel through which a company can broadcast its values, share expertise, talk about achievements, and, as a result, strengthen the trust of the audience. Business is done with people: an expert image of a manager can accelerate the growth of business indicators, fuel interest in new products and services, and increase the investment attractiveness of a company – especially when it comes to highly competitive markets. It is difficult to imagine that a strong personal brand of the founder will work against the company — as a rule, his business qualities and expertise are projected onto the company.

If we pay attention to the ratings of the best specialists and business leaders, such as the Forbes rating, we will see that people with a well-developed personal brand predominate among them. They not only promote their companies with a human face, but also actively promote themselves as experts and influential personalities. They realize that a personal brand is a key factor in monetizing themselves and achieving success in the modern world. They strive to be recognizable and leave a mark in the minds of the audience, thanks to which they attract new opportunities and long-term relationships.

The essence of the personal brand and this partnership is that the old PR schemes are already outdated. Today we are facing a change in the perception of PR, and therefore it becomes clear that it is necessary to use a new context based on individuality and personality. It is important to build promotion by combining personal brand and PR, as this is a new form of effective promotion. When a person has a clear understanding of how he positions himself and how he becomes an influential expert in his field, he can successfully develop his personal brand and carry out promotion with this strategy in mind.

Nowadays, we live in an era wh ere your physical image and appearance are no longer the only means of self-presentation. Your personality and professional achievements should be reflected in the digital space. More and more people, having heard about you, immediately resort to searching for information about you on the Internet. Even if you already have a good word of mouth and your name is familiar in a narrow circle of people, it is important to constantly remind yourself and your activities through digital communication channels.

Previously, in order to convey information to a wide audience, it was necessary to send out brochures, distribute business cards, etc. However, in the modern world we live in, we are lucky because we can easily publish an article that will be able to convey our ideas and messages to a much larger number of people. Thanks to the capabilities of digital platforms, we can reach out to various segments of the audience, attracting their attention and arousing interest in our ideas, products or services.

Look into the future

In this rapidly changing world wh ere competition is becoming increasingly fierce, a personal brand plays a key role in our professional and personal lives. It is important to understand that a personal brand does not just consist of a name and appearance, but reflects our uniqueness, values and skills. It is a combination of our experience, expertise and style that make us recognizable and distinguish us from others.

When we invest in our personal brand, we invest resources in the development and promotion of ourselves. We build our reputation and create an impression of ourselves as a professional in our field. A well-built personal brand helps us attract new opportunities, attract customers and business partners, and establish trusting relationships with other people.

In addition, it is a powerful tool for attracting the attention of the audience. In the sea of information and noise that we are surrounded by, it is important to stand out and arouse the interest of your target audience. A well-developed personal brand allows us to create a unique image and message that will attract and retain people’s attention.

Our personal brand is not limited to one project or company. He accompanies us at every step of our career and becomes our reliable companion. No matter what company we work for or what industry we are in, our personal brand will always be with us. He helps us create a long-term and sustainable career based on our uniqueness and values.

Ultimately, successful personal brand management requires constant attention and work. We must develop our skills, follow trends in our field, build trusting relationships with colleagues and clients, and continue to learn and grow as professionals. It is important to remember that our personal brand is an investment in our future and the key to achieving success in our career and life.

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