Who Makes PR More Accessible and Effective?

The founder of E-PR Online, Irina Proskurina, has years of experience, both as a public relations professional and as a business owner. Living and working in the United States taught her some important things about how businesses in the West operate. She was able to learn how to navigate through obstacles with her wits intact. Irina learned the hard way. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else has to!

The most important thing she learned? The way things are done in the West is quite different from the way things are done in other parts of the world. This is both good and bad. Initially, Irina struggled with the “bad” aspects of Western ways. She often wondered if the problem was with her and her different ways of thinking. But she discovered that the problem wasn’t necessarily her differences. She also found out that while someone can adapt and learn new ways to do things, sometimes the old ways that feel right can be incorporated into the new system.

One of the “bad aspects” of Western PR is that everyone in the system seems to have the same conservative mindset towards PR, to be set in their ways. “That’s the way we’ve always done it here.” Being set in one’s ways is fine as long as those ways are allowing one to do their best work. But if these old, set ways are keeping someone from being able to adapt to change, being able to incorporate new ideas, and being able to properly use new technology, then the old ways are not helping. A person who stubbornly adheres to old ways and ideas regardless of their success rate is shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak. And one doesn’t have to be a podiatrist to know that walking around with a hole in the foot is not a good idea!
New Ideas
Irina also learned that simply ignoring the reality of Western PR is not going to work either. She came to the United States with a Russian way of thinking and drastically different ideas about how to do things. One of the great things about America is the melting pot mindset. By embracing this mindset, she learned to use the methods that work for her and discard the ones that don’t.

Here’s an example of this. In typical American PR, any publication is considered media. This means that a write-up in any publication is considered PR, whether paid or free. Consumers of PR will pay thousands of dollars for an annual contract. And now the PR firm will make some bold promises. Their new client will appear in three publications per month. But don’t ask which publications. After all, media is media! And take notice of how vague the PR firm’s part of the bargain is. Especially since the client’s part of the bargain is not vague at all. Pay exactly this much!

The biggest problem with this model is that it completely ignores the small businesses and new startups that need good, professional PR services. These businesses usually don’t have wads of cash lying around waiting to be given to a big-time PR firm. There is no flexibility in this model. And flexibility is good as gold in today’s business world. It just so happens that flexibility is a specialty trait at E-PR Online!

Innovation and Value
While studying for her MBA in Marketing, Irina decided to develop her own marketing project. Her idea was to create a contact base of all media entities in the world. After compiling her database, she contacted each entity on the list and negotiated affordable rates with them through her new agency. After accomplishing this task, she assembled the best copywriters in New York City. She was looking for not only literacy and bilingual skills but also the natural skills of knowing how to talk to people and communicating with them on an instinctual level. She was successful. And once Irina had her amazing team in place, viola! E-PR Online was born! Some have called this innovative platform the Amazon of PR. It’s easy to see why. This platform shares many of the same traits. The mass processing of data and information. User-friendly interface. And of course, speed with convenience.

A few years later, E-PR Online has a growing database with over 10,000 media contacts. Their affordable prices stay that way because the publications on the thriving list are making a profit as well. A quintessential win-win situation!

How It Works
It all starts with the innovative media catalog as mentioned before. Then add simplicity, flexibility, and affordability. And there you have the E-PR Online secret to success!

The E-PR Database
Simple? Yes. After logging into the database, users sel ect three options.

Choose a country of origin for a list of suitable publications in that country
Choose a language for a list of articles written in that language
Choose an industry for a list focused on that industry
The starting rate to publish with a media entity on the list is $500. Remember, the rates of top media outlets can be prohibitive for small businesses and startups, so it is recommended that users check out the entire list of available media listings.

Here are some of the options available to users:

Publish four articles for about two thousand dollars and get indexed in search engines. This will help form a complete company profile that can be focused on any region desired.
There will always be time to pitch top media in the hope of getting free write-ups. That’s fine, but the best advice is to set a small budget for paid promotions at the same time. When a client is ready to pitch the major media players, they will have a press profile ready and waiting for the editor to use when he writes up the article.
Publish as many articles as possible to get an uptick on social media networks, or to create a Wikipedia page. In this case, paying for major media brands and traffic makes no sense at all. Use the smaller industry publications to accomplish the task just as well, but for a lot less.
Don’t hesitate to use AI for article content if on a budget. It’s a lot faster and less expensive than the traditional route. However, not everyone agrees on this topic. Many knowledgeable people have said that major search engines do not index content that has been produced by AI. So, the folks at E-PR Online put it to the test. Over the last year, they used AI to write more than 40 articles for publication. And the naysayers were wrong. Each article was perfectly ranked and indexed in all the search engines. Using artificial intelligence is a viable option for those on a budget.
Public Relations should never be a one size fits all enterprise. Every business is unique. By giving business owners flexibility with their PR, they are able to develop unique strategies that fit their businesses.

In the PR world, publications provide some well-known advantages. Increased awareness and credibility are at the top of that list. These advantages allow a business to create whatever narrative it wants. PR that is done outside of a crisis is usually the best PR, with very few exceptions. Publications also provide other subtle advantages such as:

Improving search rankings by increasing a website’s Domain Authority (DA)
Increasing organic traffic to a website by using quality backlinks
Verifying companies on social media platforms
A good business write-up in a publication is much more trustworthy than regular news
Introducing new startups to potential investors by increasing reach and visibility
For specific cases and to find out how to use E-PR Online to incorporate publications to gain the advantage, give them a call!

The Future
2023 and beyond is looking bright for E-PR Online. They are on track to increase the number of media entities in their catalog by 5,000. They will continue to incorporate AI for clients interested in more affordable alternatives. And they will continue to add clients fr om all over the world who want to increase their presence in the West.

Welcome! Here is to another wonderful year!

Source: fortuneherald.com