To order a publication, first, you must create a profile. Once you have a profile, you can shop on the website for various media. When you see a media you want to publish with, all you have to do is click order.
Once you place an order, you are put in touch with an editor from your selected media. In your account, you can send them content directly from your profile, or have E-PR online create content for you. Once in touch with an editor, you will communicate with them to get an article published.
Ultimately, the media platform has the right to decide not to publish your content. If this occurs, E-PR online will help find another media website that is suited to your needs.
If this occurs, please contact someone from our team to assist you.

Payment & Price

To pay, you have an online wallet in your account. You can pay through your wallet, or with an online bank account.
We are constantly updating our prices to make sure they reflect the current costs.
Certain media platforms create custom packages, so they do not have a baseline price. If they do not have a price listed, E-PR online will make sure to get those costs for you.


If the media platform which you chose is not available for publication, we will assist you in finding another platform that can replace the media which you chose.
Press releases are published within 24 hours.
The media platform that you are in contact with will let you know once the article is live, as will E-PR online.
We have the prices listed on our website.
Yes, media platforms may have different publication offers such as an article, a press release, an interview and more.
With E-PR online, we can do content creation, rewriting of content, translation of texts, tracking of analytics, PR monitoring, creation of strategy, creation of media plans and other services.
Yes, it is necessary to make sure that the content that will be published is in the same language as the media site.