PR specialists

Why do PR specialists need E-PR online?

Regardless of the industry, trust plays a huge role when it comes to determining the success of a business. If you want to create a solid online reputation, PR is one of the most effective ways to achieve great results. Due to public relations, you will create brand image and reputation, develop loyalty, promote goodwill, increase awareness and build trust and credibility.
With our platform, PR is now simplified and adjusted for digital services. It is easy to use for all types of professionals, and those who understand PR will also have an easy time adapting to our format. Working with E-PR online is convenient because we have a large number of media platforms. You don't have to introduce yourself to each edition, communicate with them, and waste your precious time on negotiations. All you need to do is to contact us and we will take care of everything.

Each publication has its own payment system, and this is also not convenient. With E-PR online, you pay everything in one place, and we will take further action on the payment via contacting publications.

If the publication does not accept any of the articles that you made for your client, then we will select a similar publication with a similar audience and offer it to you. You will not waste your time on all these negotiations. And of course, it will cost you nothing, we take care of all these negotiations.

We provide statistical information about the publication that you can introduce to your client. Also, upon your request, we can give demographic information about the publication to tell you what audience they have and how many views they have per day on their website.

We have editions in different countries, in many languages, and on different topics. Every month we add new editions that you can offer to your customers. We provide placements of press releases, news, and advertisements and you can publish your articles from anywhere in the world.